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  • camber plates

    anyone used these yet? do they fit wrx coilovers?

    Also has anyone tried the ~$130 all aluminum radiators on ebay?

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    I'm not aware of anyone using those camber plates off hand. They do appear to be actually drilled for the saturn strut towers but I am a bit concerned that you might have to cut on the towers a bit for the four bolts that hold the pillow ball mount in place and adjust for camber to fit through the center of the strut tower. I don't have my BC racing set here to look at to compare to unfortunately but I'll take a look the couple of different ones I have on the shelf and see how they compare with similar sized pillow ball mounts on them. The price is not great, well for a pair, for a set of four it would be ok but the auction states it is for only two. I've been buying ones for BMWs lately to use on other car projects and other than a specialized setup that I had to pay $68 shipped for, most are in the $25-45 range shipped for a pair depending if they were returned uninstalled ones or brand new.

    The aluminum radiators seem to be pretty popular but I don't have any direct experience with them, but for the price they are hard to pass up if you have need for one.
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      I got a set, turns out the pictures were wrong and the bolts are recessed. Now I just need to see if they fit on the coilovers.


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