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Having a some what good day! Shared a few laughs while trying to resolve my 01 L300

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  • Having a some what good day! Shared a few laughs while trying to resolve my 01 L300

    After doing a bunch of maintenance on my 01 L300 3.0L V6 I went to Oreillys and read/cleared DTC codes and got a jumpstart with no avail. The car cranks over and starts; then dies off with service engine light. Wasn't kicking back any codes though and fuel pressure is 40 while cranked and 19 with key over.

    All in all; pretty descent day!

    I just made some organic pasta with vegetables + organic beef and organic red sauce and some good spices. I hope that it does my body good!

    Thank you for making such a great forum!

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    Sorry nobody has replied. I know nothing about L Series cars. My wise guy answer would be to replace it with an S Series!
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      Your fuel pressure seems low. I found this ....

      Alldata says 39- 49 psi regulated and 65 psi unregulated at 12V
      relating to a 2001 L300 V6
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        It sounds like a passlock issue. You can try a 30 min relearn but I would be that you will need a BCM.
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