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    i don't think i'm that new but apparently don't have the posts to see a classified from sixthsphere facebook posted here. LET ME IN DAMMIT!


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      New kid on the block here. I have a 96 sw2 and a 98 sw1. Got the 96 bc my beloved 98 drove over a rock in a snowstorm at 50 mph. Wiped out the undercarriage +. The 96 runs fine, but l want my 98 back, and it also is much more cosmetically superior. So my question is can the parts of the 96 be used to fix the 98? No one l know around here knows anything about Saturns. Was glad to find y'all! Thank you.


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        The subframes, engines, and transmissions are compatible.

        If you try and swap engines you'll want to find a 98 DOHC PCM otherwise you'll run into the potential issue of return VS returnless fuel systems. Same with the fuel rail setup. Otherwise things will pretty much bolt up 91-02 with very minor modifications for some mixes.

        This may help some, but again pretty much everything can be made to work without much problem on these. Owner
        2016 Honda Fit
        2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
        2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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          King noob here
          2007 chevy classic 2500hd 4x4 duramax
          1996 383 lt1 auto trans am
          1995 sl1. single cam of fury
          1995 jeep wrangler lifted 4x4 4.0
          1995 ford explorer 4x4


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            Also interested


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