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New folks, step inside a moment: POLL.

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  • New folks, step inside a moment: POLL.

    Going through the lists of those awaiting membership, I've noticed more and more an interesting shift in the age demographics. Less and less does it seem to be older guys and more and more is it again seemingly going to younger guys on their first Car.

    So sate my curiosity, click your age bracket on the poll and feel free to post up about your Turd. Is it a hand-me-down? A cheap grab you found on Craigslist? Share!
    20 or younger.
    32 or older.

    Ethanol and Boost: My Anti-Drugs.

    2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT - HNNNNGG.
    1999 Ford Dangah Rangah XLT - Junk haulin' junker-slut.
    1998 Saturn SC2 - Garbage. Pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, garbage.
    Gone: 2004 POSRT4 - 372/425 @ 20psi, "Super safe tune" --- 4xx/4xx @ 26psi, "BAMF Tune"
    Next: 1990 Supra "LOLNOJZ" - LSx, 4L80E, Megasquirt, whole lot of Ethanol, whole lot of snail...

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    02 SL bought from dealership
    99 SL2 bought private, relatively cheap
    01 SC2 bought private, really cheap
    00 LW2 bought private, incredibly cheap

    Unless this is just for newbies in which case, nevermind :P
    - Sixthsphere Admin Team -


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      New folks, step inside a moment: POLL.

      Here's my 2 saturns.
      96 sl2 5-speed $1000 total investment - Craigslist 20 min away

      Then I pushed a head gasket

      99 sl1 auto riced out from friend of a friend $300 +$200 in parts

      I'm 21, workin as the tire guy at a full service shop, I build traditional choppers in my downtime and tinker with all kinds of motorsports with friends. Plans for the satty includes DOHC/5-speed swap into the silver car using the red one for parts. Mild engine/trans rebuild on custom coilover setup using stock strut bodies, and other things. Probably some squirt
      Last edited by volcomskater77; 01-15-2014, 01:04 AM.
      99 SL1 DOHC/5-speed swapped, headwork, LSD, AC/PS delete, GR-2/prokit, magnaflow downpipe/cat, 2 1/4" cat back
      215/60R15's on steelies. winter mode...


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        Im 26 in may but since ill be overseas then i clicked it now. I picked up my sc1 for 1200$ on the road. We bought it specifically for just a get around car that i wasnt going to mod at all thinking there was no aftermarket for them. Well here i am with 3000$ of turbo equipment waiting for the summer to roll around
        Originally posted by S.Bretz
        We don't have hills in my area....they are just billies 'round these parts.
        Originally posted by alexofnazareth
        The nature of the single cam enthusiast is to ruin the car more than the engine already does.


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          New folks, step inside a moment: POLL.

          Been around for a little bit, but I'm 19 starting my second semester of college. I have a 99 SL2 that my parents bought about 4 years ago as a second car that I sort of took over and am buying off of them in the very near future. Since we got it as an auto, I have since stick swapped it with first an mp2 then a rebuilt mp3 I built myself with a PG lsd. All new front suspension and welded subframe, rear disc, sway bar brackets, bigger bar, kyb's/progress springs full black interior swap+coupe seats yada yada the list goes on. It sure has come a long way in the past year or so and I can thank it for really getting me into actually doing stuff to cars and not just reading forums all day. I plan to have it boosted and on coilovers within the next 2 years as well.
          99' SL2- stick swapped, static, slammed, DD, forever in progress.


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            Been here since 2005, but answered anyway. Because Fuck donnie.

            my old 93 SL2 that brought me here was given to me by my father, then I gave it to Donnie.
            my 95 sw2 was bought from my father for $100. Then I ruined it.
            My 96 SC2 was bought private sale from a friend for $700.
            1995 Saturn SW2: Crushed
            1995 Saturn SW2: Lower Than You


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              Yeah im not new either but i've been here since 09' and im 21 now that means i was 17 when i joined still pimply faced, and sixthsphere raised me lol. I got my car(sl1) from an old lady who thought it didn't run for $200 and immediately started a DOHC build while i was still in high school. My "sattilac" as i call it has been through 3 paintjobs, a supercharger, megasquirt(s), and has greatly accelerated my mechanical and electrical knowledge. Im graduating college this may and no matter how baller i become im never letting go of my satty
              1996 dohc eaton m90 5psi-


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                I'm 19, 4th semester of college. My 2001 blue SC2 was purchased from my parents for $1200. I helped to make it like it is now, and have now started adding some slights mods. Like I said on my welcome thread, my dad buys Saturn's (typically SL's and SC's between 98-2002) and rebuilds them with parts he has accumulated at home. So my car was one of the rebuilds, and since I helped I got a discount.


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                  these cars actually come in some cool colours, i feel ripped off with my red sc1 lol
                  Originally posted by S.Bretz
                  We don't have hills in my area....they are just billies 'round these parts.
                  Originally posted by alexofnazareth
                  The nature of the single cam enthusiast is to ruin the car more than the engine already does.


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                    Hey guys im 22 and I drive a 99 SL2 that has been wrecked, revived, torn apart, an full restored with a little love and a lot of $. since this pic i have added fog lights removed stickers (they was for a photo let the flames roll on LOL) and the front plate is now a two tone DUB otherwise it292325_3152061378658_1793444697_n.jpg


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                      Originally posted by NottaJ View Post
                      these cars actually come in some cool colours, i feel ripped off with my red sc1 lol
                      My personal favorites are the electric blue and the yellow, my Dad has a yellow SC2


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                        I'm Nate, 25 from Alton, IL. I drive a '98 SL2 that I just bought less than a week ago for ridiculously cheap as a work car but now that I've been doing my research and homework, I'm thinking of all sorts of neat things. I call my car Cron, The Lost Viking. It has 209K miles on it, and amazingly, the A/C still works. I have a sneaky suspicion that The Viking and I are going to get along.


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                          Come forth newbs and let me bestow my knowledge of what not to do with your Saturn.

                          I'm 26 and I used to have a fast wagon.
                          98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
                          94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
                          94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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                            I'm 28 now.. I've owned a few of them.. everything I own is RWD at the moment though.. we'll see if the right turd comes along again though...
                            2016 Honda Fit
                            2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
                            2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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                              I'm 23 and was a long time lurker from about 07. Had an sl1 as first car in 06. Now have that and 98 sc2 that I've done some work on. Been wanting to trans swap it, but school is expensive.


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