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  • (new member) Hi guys

    Hey everybody, my name is Ronald, I have a ton of nicknames so it doesn't bother me which nickname you choose. I live in Philadelphia, and I work the graveyard shift as a Supervisor at UPS. im 20 years old (born in 92), and i have a passion for Saturns. I'm not looking for a riced up forum to find the best stickers, im looking for a family i can call my own. Quality, Performance and subtle fashion all in that order is what im looking for in my saturn. I don't really have much, parents are divorced, been that way since I was three, so it was a lot of back and forth from Fort Lauderdale, to Philly. (i live with neither of them now since 18 Y.O.) Other than that, I own a 96 SL2 Dual cam 5 speed. I paid 850 for it, and since february 15th, ive been putting my all into it since its all i have. Im more than serious about my car, and I know you guys are as well. So im here not looking to be chastised about stupidity. I came here to learn and enjoy myself and my achievements i hope to gain through this forum. This would be the second sl2 i have owned. the first one was a 98 automatic. Not a big fan of the automatic lol. Well anyways, to sum it all up Ive been told that this is the best Saturn forum to come to, I know i wont be disappointed. Thanks for you guys time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    Welcome to the Sphere! There is a ton of info here so read and enjoy. Please read the Welcome Center sticky so you can understand the kiddie pool rules. Enjoy your stay!

    Oh, and post pics! We like to see pics.
    Current: 2015 Fiesta ST - Full stage 3 bolt-ons and a 93 octane custom Stratified tune at 27 PSI.

    Former modded N/A 97 SL2, unmolested 96 SC2, and turbo 95 SL2.
    99' SL2 Turbo - Parted out, returned to stock years ago, still on the road but everything keeps breaking.
    00' SC2 DD - SOLD
    02' SL1 - On loan to someone


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      About time my friend. Good to see you finally in here, this will help you move along.
      "You will know me by the scars I bear!" Otep


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        Welcome Ronald. Enjoy your time here at the Sphere.
        Former owner of the Turtle
        (Sold 2017)98 SC2
        98 Honda CR-V my dd


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          You won't be made fun of for stupidity, but if you have mods that not all of us agree upon, I mean.. You are on Sixthsphere. Expect to have a bit of a bumpy ride at the beginning.

          Welcome to Sixthsphere, read the sticky, enjoy your stay.
          - Sixthsphere Admin Team -


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            Welcome to the site, I'm right outside of Philly. Hope you can gain some useful knowledge from 6S.
            98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
            94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
            94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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              I look at my 2001 the same way you do. It is not just a car to me, it is my pride and joy, no matter how much people pick on me for it. I just joined, so we can learn together


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                Hey man, My name is Tyler and I am also 20 years old from philadelphia with a 96 sl2! I went to tech school for automotive and I am always down to help out a fellow saturn owner! If you ever need any help with anything let me know!


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