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New 97 SC2 Turbo build

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  • New 97 SC2 Turbo build

    Here in search of base tunes, help with fuel mapping and any reccomendations for my build.

    I Have a fresh engine with Scat Hbeam rods, ARP head and main studs, lightened flywheel and balancer, and adjustable cam sprockets.

    Initial thoughts are to run stock injectors to get the engine running in the car, but want to upgrade to best injector for my setup ball park, I have 2 turbos right now i could use, but open to ideas on better sized turbos for these cars.

    Currently the 2 turbos i have are a GT35R, and one a bit smaller than that. But any general knowledge on what turbos work best with these cars would be great.

    as well and megasquirt base maps you may know about or that you know work with X injectors would be awesome.‚Äč

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    I have read on other 4 cylinder turbo forums that some diesel turbos are great for low RPM boost, like the hx35 and so on. So if anyone has played with this idea id love to know, also i have a manifold with a T4 flange, so reccomendations on turbos working around that would be ideal, but not required.


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