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  • Where is everyone?

    Been gone for a bit. This forum seems to have died off

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    It kinda has, which sucks. For the last few weeks, the only thing i've seen is the FB thread and me adding to the "What did you do to your car today?"

    Sucks cuz i like this place waaayyy better than Saturn Fans.
    Originally posted by alexofnazareth
    Do the world a favor and get back to your cornholing.


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      I like this place too, but saturnfans is the original forum left. I would post a lot more if people actually came on here.


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        For whatever reason, posting here is dead, but posting to FB is just fine l. It's literally the same effort and this is easily searchable. I don't get it.
        It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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          Facebook is super active, that's about it...
          2016 Honda Fit
          2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
          2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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            Facebook sucks. There, I said it.


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              Yupp FB is rubish.
              87 Fiero: Long term project.
              00 sl2: cheap DD pls no mods.
              01 sc2: high comp build round 2.
              08 lmm: aux tank, custom alum tonneau, aux oil cooler, aux filters, plow
              18 Acadia: Family hauler.


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                As a random social thing it's fine or whatever. It's just grown somhow to be all inclusive for EVERYTHING!
                It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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                  I'm just glad 2020 is almost over...I will scare little children with the story in a couple decades. Haven't been on FB in years...stopped when they got too commercial.

                  Since I stripped my van down for body n paint, I've been driving the SL2 every day, everywhere, the last couple months...most reliable car I've ever a tech, last thing I want to do after work is fix my own car. Dropped an intake manifold at my friend's machine shop...he's going to mount it in an end mill and bore the inlet to precisely match a Geo TB. Sure I could do it all willy-nilly with a die grinder. but I told him I want it to look factory-perfect. I'll post a pic when I get it back. Also, speedo finally quit completely...stripped down a parts cluster (for the speedo unit and odo unit) to repair my rare 92 oil-pressure-gauge cluster and now playing around with blacklight LED's inside it trying to make the needles "pop" better visually...lighted needles look a little too difficult to retro in there. Also fiddling around with a 96 RKE module...with a couple relays I think I can make it jive with the 92 power locks...on the list for early 2021. After the Weber on the Datsun Z24, the Corvette 700r4 converter, the 2013 Benz cam sprockets (variable valve timing sucks!), HHR SS crate motor install...too many projects. Plus, still got Twiztd's SC2 that I cleaned up and made mobile, but gotta drop engine out of soon too.

                  Happy New Year to everyone, 3rd sphere or Sixth...


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