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    Welcome to 6S. Sad to see SaturnFans down all the time. They have a lot of good information there.
    Beige 93 SC2, fully loaded, MS3 Pro, nitrous, Walbro 255, high compression. 155hp/296hp
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      If saturnfans comes up one last time, my brother has a program that can download the entire site and contents to his PC. He showed me it and demonstrated it on a few other sites, and says it is the only way to save all of the imformation. He offered to host and maintain the site as well, since he is in that field for his line of work, but we recieved no response from the owner about that. It is truly a shame that the site is gone.


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        Even if the site wouldn’t be able to operate anymore, it would still be nice to have a view-only backup of everything that was there.
        97 SL2, auto, 117K miles
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          As I understand it Charlie, the owner of SaturnFans, was to do some upgrades he had scheduled for mid to late January after he got through a project at work that was consuming his time. This is what he said at the end of December in a post so I don't count it out yet. I'm assuming that is what is going on.

          Hi everyone,

          I'm sorry for my delayed response to the spam attacks. I'm on a project that's finally wrapping up and it's kept me from my normal routine. I like the idea of having you all help get rid of spam I have some ideas on how to implement that too. I'm upgrading the site to a new server in the next month, and I while I'm tinkering that's when I'll add the capability. I appreciate everyone's offer to help!!!

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          1999 SL2 MT (272K km, 10-2016 to present)
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          1993 SW2 AT (03-2000 to 04-2010)
          2001 LW200 MT (06-2001 to 01-2005)
          1992 SL2 MT (06-1992 to 09-1997)


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            It's baaackk....


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              Originally posted by onlinebiker View Post
              It's baaackk....

              For now.

              Good time to grab info off it.. no update from Charlie.. see if the SPAM returns..
              2016 Honda Fit
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                Sorry, always I'm late. We all have to work to make a living! It will be nice to start a thread for each model....


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