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Good day to all Saturn enthusiasts!

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  • Good day to all Saturn enthusiasts!

    Just stumbled upon this forum and believe this is the perfect place to gain some knowledge on Saturn vehicles. My name is Éclair and I have two Saturn SCs (2001 SC1 former ice racer, now temporarily retired) and 2002 SC1 racing project. As you've just read I am heavily connected into motorsports, I have been for a few years.

    When the first SC was brought to the track a lot of people said 'Saturn's belong in grocery store parking lots, not on racing courses', 'women shouldn't race' and 'automatics are useless in the racing world'. But after 2 great seasons of ice rallies I am proud to convert my next SC1 into another track car. Although people smash these cars so often I am out there to prove Saturn's can be sharp racers just like the next vehicle.

    I know I will come across haters and skeptics wherever I go but I keep trekking onward as all my work I do myself (and may keep on like this for a long time yet) but it makes me happy seeing a vision becoming reality. It happened once already.

    So hello everyone and I look forward to discussing all things Saturn with you!


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