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Saturn of Doom Question thread.

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  • Saturn of Doom Question thread.

    I think I explained a lot about what has been done, but maybe folks have questions. I know the car isn't the most extreme thing on this forum, But I saw others setup question threads and figured I would too.

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    Why is it called the ~xOx^*SaTUrN-oF-DOoM*^xOx~ ?

    <br />


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      People just started calling it that at races. It is also known as "That plastic car" and "That stupid plastic car". All depending on who is refering to it and if they are currently being beaten by it or not.

      Being a rather stock looking econobox newbies tend to write it off as a joke. It more than holds it's own though, Many people use my plastic car as their yardstick once the initial shock of being beaten buy a car that puts out 76WHP (I'm at ~5000 feet) wears off.

      It is a momentium car like most Saturns so it is always fun to pick on supercars and other powerful cars with. In fact, I think the first time it was called "The Saturn of Doom" was after I beat one of our very fast ASP NSX drivers in raw time. It must be admited it was a very tight course and a bit cold for slicks.

      Plus, I don't mind the name, I'm a big Invader Zim fan. In his world everthing is "of Doom!!!" or Doom[whatever].


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        Jared! How you doing"? so i see you got the spiffy new classified things on. oh, and can i has a wheel? the 12 slot. i will trade you a saw tooth.... lmao. and you are higher than that. like closer to 6k ft. i have tried to use that so many times to explain my 16 sec quarter times. its no use. lol. i had to accept my slowness. we should have a meet sometime. since you and i are the only non rice Saturn tuners left in this stupid state. hahah. and Zach can bring his cute little RX, and maybe that Atom will be there so i can drool some more.


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          Lol at the Classifieds. I am dying to know who made those!!!

          2002 Subaru WRX - 2012 Yeti SB66 MTB


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            I guess since the beans have been spilt. The rocket boosters where made by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. I think they put me in Street Mod.


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              lmao. hahaha.


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                I love rice, but in NM is it really rice or Arroz espaأ±ol.


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                  seriously, this thread contains EVERY non ricer saturn tuner in our state. haha. Zach would be here but he done blow'd up his sl2. lmao.


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                    I haven't met a Saturn Tuner here in Las Cruces yet, just the one guy from El Paso that runs in the SCCA. But hell I haven't seen him in almost two months.


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                      Sounds like Arthur and I will have to go to El Paso sometime. Arthur I'm sure Ive got a set of RT615s you can borrow to run down there.


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                        sweet! just let me know when. the coupe has my old suspension and brake set up. the only thing different is the short wheelbase, full interior and less power. but that means less lighting up the inside tire. haha. we can make a meet out of it, and Aikido can join too.


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