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    I bought my 93' Saturn Sc1 roughly two years ago and haven't done much, but i have improved it and want to keep track and maybe help some new people on fixing and improving their cars.

    I will post pictures of the progress, and old events soon. *BUILD THREAD WORK IN PROGRESS.

    - Bought car for $300 with 95,000 miles on it Stock. Had EGR problem, that i later diagnosed and solved, needed many sensors and Much tlc. Bucking idle and bad gas mileage.

    - Since i know a guy that is in collage for engines and transmissions i was allowed to bring my car in so he could "learn" about automotive repair.

    - Diagnosed the problem... Well problems... There were 7 or more problems in the obd1 scan.

    - Replaced knock sensor, idle air control sensor, Coolant temp sensor, Top motor mount, Coil pack, wires, plugs, oil/filter, coolant, and plenty more i can't think of right now. Put cone filter on stock intake WOO HOO! +25 WHP!

    - Found the MAIN problem, the EGR valve, and then deleted it, along with my a/c.

    - Started building CAI with friends old injen intake tube, spectre filter and heat shield Bored and tapered throttle body, smoothed and polished. Knife edged throttle plate.

    - Ordered OBX 4-1 race header and installed it the day it came.

    - Drove with open header, pissed of neighbors.

    - Gutted interior.

    - Next day had custom 2 1/2 exhaust system built. Header-2 1/2 tubing- Can.

    - Ordered strut bar, painted mounts red and installed the day after it came.

    - Played around with some new power cruising Gratiot. : ]

    - Year and a half period ^^

    - Engine trouble, knocking, and smoke.

    - Currently ripping engine out and having professionally rebuilt.

    93&#39; saturn SC1<br /><br />Sohc Tbi: Header back exhaust, bored and Tapered throttle body, gutted, cold air intake with custom cool air box, Rebuild/boring cylinders in progress.

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