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Third Time's a Charm

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  • Third Time's a Charm



    Engine (Internal) :

    Blueprinted and balanced bottom end (to 9k rpm)
    99+Heavier crank
    All new speed pro main/rod bearings
    New felpro head bolts
    Saturn OEM gasket set
    Scat rods with a .770 pin bore
    8.8:1 c/r wiseco pistons, .020 over
    SDA full port/polish head, decked .030 for a final c/r of 9.3-4:1
    SDA street cams w/ lifter shims

    And everything else thats OEM inside is brand new for the most part.


    MP3 (maybe MP2) with a new act 6 puck from chopsticks

    Nutsack monitoring:

    Autometer oil pressure
    Autometer water temp
    Autometer boost/vacuum
    Summit oil temp JAW wideband with datalogging

    Fuel management:

    HKS AIC with two 38lb/hr injectors for up to 250whp ish, bigger injectors if it will support more...

    Turbo Gayness:

    1G dsm manifold (35$ and fits perfect)
    14b turbo to start with, then a 14b/GT30R hybrid later on
    Elvis for being Elvis
    OneMeanRapist for keeping my spirits up about it
    99zx2uner (different forum) for his current/future welding services and advice

    Pics later.
    07 Redline w/ stuff.<br /><br />89 Civic hatch w/o stuff.<br /><br />96 SL2 that dont need stuff.

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    Re: Third Time's a Charm

    rawr mine [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]


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      Re: Third Time's a Charm

      some pictures (cell phone taken)

      Need to get:

      Walbro 255HP In-tank Pump
      MS II
      Crank Pulley (To mount EDIS Wheel)
      New T3/t4
      Intake Manifold + Bigger TB
      MP2 Tranny

      Goal: 300+ WHP


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        Re: Third Time's a Charm

        clean setup

        and nice cell phone pics

        whoever noticed the DSM manifold gets win Owner
        2016 Honda Fit
        2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
        2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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          Re: Third Time's a Charm

          yeah jeremy for making another one! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]


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            Re: Third Time's a Charm

            So I ordered new things for the SC2.

            1) Garrett T3/60-1 (60/63)

            2) Greddy Type-RS Blow Off Valve (Real)

            3) Kicker DS650 Speakers (for front)

   pics yet lol

            and lol jeremy came up for the next few days to chill and to work on my sc2. He's currently sleeping in the next room and i walked in and sneaked in a cell phone pic lol


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              Re: Third Time's a Charm

              installed T3/60-1 , set the wastegate to 12psi and omg the thing runs like a raped ape.


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                Re: Third Time's a Charm

                Oh shit, so the DSM manifold is a straight bolt-on for the 9-bolt head!? Damn I messed a lot after TSN went away and I didn't know about 6s.
                [img width=30 height=40][/img]


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                  Re: Third Time's a Charm

                  Do you need to run an FPR to run that 255HP or will the stock regulator suffice?
                  1997 Saturn: Ported and Polished VTEC solenoid--3/4&quot; PCV hose--Addition of an extra horn--Custom Hood Lift to allow more airflow--Rear spring spacers to increase traction--Celica spoiler for added downforce/better handling


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                    Re: Third Time's a Charm

                    Stock will be fine.
                    1997 SC Turbo
                    1999 F-250 Powerstroke SD
                    1999 Cavalier RS


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