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Miles' 92 SC, Coming together nicely.

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  • Miles' 92 SC, Coming together nicely.

    Hey, i'm just reserving this till i have a camera to take pics, but....
    as of june, i'm the proud owner of:
    except the curse of the dancing oil needle has followed me to this car. dammit.

    Thanks to SL2Bob for selling the car, had a lot of the aftermarket installed already. Still more to come.

    No power over ~3500rpm's. Something messing with the fuel trims? Vaccum/exhaust leak causing the loud hissing?
    Started driving the car again, i'll go take some pictures when it stops raining outside.
    Picked up a new air filter, old one was a Spectre, and clogged.
    All new audio components, waiting for a warm day to tint the tail lights.
    Also, will have projector headlights soon . Est. 7-10 days out.

    -Injen intake with Tenzo R filter.
    -H&R Race springs.
    -SPS Plug wires
    -Clear Corners
    -Black Badges
    -Silver Pinstripe
    -Pioneer Head Unit, Front Speakers, 12'' Sub.
    -Boston Acoustics rear speakers.
    -ATrend Sealed box, 300wRMS Alpine mono Amp.
    -Some peel'n'seal sound deadening in the turnk.

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