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94 SC1, why am I doing this again?

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  • 94 SC1, why am I doing this again?

    Thread will grow, but I decided its time to start mapping out this build.

    question thread:

    $500 got me a gutted, mostly Kob-teal 94 SC1, with a slipping, rev slamming auto and some wonderful oil smoke. Has bunch of cracked panels, and the PO thought it was a race car (not kidding, always rambled about NOPI 98 or something). May have over paid by a hundred or two, but guy was a friend and needed help.

    Night it pulled into my garage, and the last night it will be on the street for a very long time:

    Yes, it had a stick-on hood scoop, I pulled it off and gave it to PO as a 'keepsake'. I also let him go at a few of the busted panels with a hammer, just for laughs.

    what a worthless setup, its a wonder Saturn sold any of these things...

    It's not my fault, blame the radiation.

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    Re: 94 SC1, why am I doing this again?

    Recently, my project SC1 donated its struts and springs so Donnie could tow Scotty's White Hot home.

    and there it shall sit for many months...

    Currently, Chair Powered:

    It has donated its motor (minus TBI) to Tic-tac's younger brother so he at least has a running motor for his car. Hes mowing my yard for the summer so its all good.

    Not pictured:
    A set of Sawtooths are stashed in the trunk/backseat area. Took forever to find a full set.
    pair of uncracked front fenders, (black gold with pealing clear, BLING!)
    a gray front upper/lower bumper combo off of whatever year the sedans got the front bumper face-lift.
    Gold drivers door skin
    It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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