1994 Saturn SC2 "Project Turbo Bitch"
Goal: To run a GT30R on a low comp motor while making 400whp+ and keeping street driveability as stock like as possible with the help of a Tec3r.

Start Date: Years ago....

Planned End Date: Years from now....

Current mods:

OBX Header
2.25" crush bent, high flow cat, 28" glasspack, crap muffler
MSD Coils and Wires
Sprint extremes
KYB GR-2's
Progress rear sway bar
Tenzo-R Buckets
Gutted Interior

Turbo Build Parts:

SMS sleeved block
CP 8.5:1 pistons
Crower rods
Titan Copper head gasket
P&P head (Needs some more porting, to be done soon)
P&P Intake Mani (For sale)
Crower cams (For sale)
Fidanza Adjustable cam gears
Fidanza flywheel
ACT 6-puck
AMR Coilovers (Waiting for arrival)

Parts to be ordered:

GT30R (Hopefully next week!)
Ashun Chopsticks
Intake manifold
Turbo manifold
All my damn guages...
2000+ oil pan and girdle
SS hoses and fittings
Everything else.....

Basically right now ive got enough to put the engine together and get it in the car, then all the fun stuff comes. I have a welder but horrible welding skills, but i do want to build my own intercooler pipes and exhaust. And hopefully get my skills up enough to build a nice full cage. But we'll see what happens. I just got into a spot in my life where I'm going to have more free money so the rest of the build will hopefully go a bit faster.