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  • Supra's Daily

    2001 Saturn SC2 "Project Sellout"
    Goal: Daily driver that gets me to work ever morning
    Start Date: May 2008

    Planned End Date: TotD 08

    Cliffs, high comp na motor with mostly stock parts and some bolt ons

    2001 Block Bored .040" over
    2001 Crank & Bearings
    2001 Girdle and oil pan
    Thermal R&D Exhaust
    SDA Street Cams
    SAFCII Black Edition
    Hastings Rings
    SDA High Temp Valve Seals

    In Progress .....
    Cutting 98 Sealed Power Pistons to use with longer 3rd gen rods.

    Quaife LSD
    Fidanza Flywheel
    OEM 1st 91-99 Clutch Assembly and Hydraulics
    Custom short-throw shifter

    Progess Springs
    ST Struts
    Progress 19mm rear sway bar
    Energy Suspension Poly bushings
    SPS Billet front strut tower bar
    Porsche Brake conversion (Fronts done, rears hopefully by TotD 0

    New Retrofit under way(TL Projectors, custom shrouds)
    350z ballasts
    Philips 4300k capsules
    Silverstar bulbs in all other lights
    Tinted taillights

    VUE gauge cluster
    L300 gauge indicators
    SC2 Black faces
    Valentine One
    Auto Dimming mirror with compass
    Black headliner and visors
    Black upper trim panels

    Panasonic WMA/MP3 Receiver
    Infinity Components
    Infinity Extra tweeters
    Kicker 600.1 bass amp
    Kicker 350.4 highs amp
    Kicker CompVR12's (x2)
    Optima Red top relocated to trunk

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    Brake Conversion Progress:

    Hawk Front Pads arrived. OEM Porsche hardware kits and bolts arrived. Front brackets have been cut.

    Still need to have custom SS lines made for the fronts. Still need bolts to hold the brackets to the knuckle. Going to measure them this afternoon. And possibly order if need be. Then they need to be test fitted onto the car. I'm thinking I may have to have the brackets grinded a little for axle clearance. Also looks like I may have to get the wheel spacers afterall. There is less than 5mm total clearance in the front. There is about 3-4mm clearance between the rotor and the knuckle, and maybe 1mm clearance between the caliper and the spokes of the wheel. Needless to say, this is going to be TIGHT!

    The fronts should be done in a couple weeks I'm hoping

    Front kit if you will

    Update: 6-15-2008

    been awhile without updates. The fronts are on and running. I had some clearance problems on the lca, but I just spaced the rotor out further which solved those issues. The rears are pretty far along, but I need to have the brackets shaved a small amount, and we still need to fashion and ebrake cable bracket. More updates/pics hopefully before TotD 08


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      Re: Supra's Daily

      <cutting hypers info>
      We mocked the motor to see how far above the deck the pistons would sit, .130" above the deck is what we came up with.

      Head gasket crushed thickness is .050". So the pistons are .080" into the head if left uncut.
      I took down the volume of the head at a conservative 43cc's. To get my compression numbers(my goal is ~11.5:1) I just took my displacement and divided by my desired comp ration of 11.5 - 1. This tells us the volume needed for the combustion chamber. Since we already have 43cc from the head, we subtrack 43 from that number, and that tells us how much volume I needed between the top of the piston and the bottom of the head. Doing some geometry I came up with the following.

      .100" cut = piston protrusion of .030" = 11.64:1 Approx CR
      .110" cut = piston protrusion of .020" = 11.33:1 Approx CR
      .120" cut = piston protrusion of .010" = 11.04:1 Approx CR

      I wouldn't suggest cutting the piston any farther due to lack of material under the top of the piston. Once we get them cut we'll get more accurate measurements of what's left. I also wouldn't suggest cutting any less than .100" off of them. .100" puts the piston .020" from the bottom of the head, and I hear some bad things about running compression too high on pump gas.

      Based on the above data, I decided to go with a .105" cut on the pistons. That leaves me with .025" piston protrusion. Given the .050" HG thickness, I'm left with .025" clearance between the head and the top of the pistons. Hopefully that's plenty for expansion and such. I don't forsee any problems with this.

      BTW, if my calculations are correct, I should end up with approx. 11.5:1 Compression using $100 pistons, not cutting the head any, and not using flat-faced valves. This is also based upon my measurement of 43cc on the head. My head has been ported and polished, so I don't know how much material exactly has been removed, but I wouldn't think it to me much.
      </cutting hypers info>


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        Re: Supra's Daily

        So, how did you take off the needles off the vue cluster without breaking them? Do they come off like the older style clusters?
        I liked my black faces, but I like glowing needles and chrome trim.
        And your brakes make me jealous as fuck [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/evil.gif[/img]
        2000 SL2 5 speed, boosted, meth injected, parted out...268whp &amp; 254wtq (stock pump maxed out)..


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          Re: Supra's Daily

          the needles popped right off, they were kinda hard to pry loose though. They were on there pretty good.


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            Re: Supra's Daily

            Very interesting stuff on the cutting pistons thing. I'm interested to see how that turns out. Hopefully the thinner tops will hold up to the detonation I'm sure you're going to see until it's tuned in.
            -2002 Saturn SC2 - Clean, slow, low daily
            -2008 Saab 9-7x Aero
            -1996 Suzuki Bandit 750 swapped
            -1998 VW Golf GTI VR6 Mid Engine LeMons car
            -1986 RX7 - 275whp @ 10psi


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              Re: Supra's Daily

              Originally posted by The Shaolin
              Very interesting stuff on the cutting pistons thing. I'm interested to see how that turns out. Hopefully the thinner tops will hold up to the detonation I'm sure you're going to see until it's tuned in.
              Meh as long as he runs high octane I think he'll be okay. The PCM will just pull timing like a bitch anyway.

              Btw detonation is not the same as knock / "ping"
              Lean Fibaz Crew - Member #001


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                Re: Supra's Daily

                welp, as soon as I get it running, we are gonna dial it in on the safc. Hopefully all goes well.

                piston how-to coming right up


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                  Re: Supra's Daily

                  how much do you have invested in the brakes all together?


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                    Re: Supra's Daily

                    Originally posted by waterboy
                    how much do you have invested in the brakes all together?
                    Dude, let's not try to make the man kill himself here..
                    - Justin [s]99 Blue SL2 - T3/T4 14psi[/s] (dead)

                    FS: Pimped lower trans mount, TiAL 38mm Wastegate, Gauge Cluster, Oil Drain


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                      Re: Supra's Daily

                      im not trying to i would like to know encasse id ever attempt this


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                        Re: Supra's Daily

                        it wasn't cheap, but it would have cost a lot more if I hadn't traded two SSBC big brake kits for the work done and lots of the parts.


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                          Re: Supra's Daily

                          +1 on the porscha breaks! hmm... i doubt i'd find that at a salvage yard. might have to check out the other sections when i go from now one though.


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