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1990 Eclipse GSX. 08/18/10 More Vids!

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  • 1990 Eclipse GSX. 08/18/10 More Vids!

    So I should be picking this car up this weekend for $1200. It's uber clean and need a few things to get it going. Such as a headgasket, timing belt and a couple if not all the valves. So for about $200 or so it should be up and running and near 100% stock with the exception of the wheels with new tires and a turbo intake.

    images removed from this post as the add was removed from CL.

    Obviously there is a list of mods to come and for cheap also considering after market out there and the time it will save from fabbing shit to work on it also.

    Down Pipe
    Test Pipe
    Cat back exhaust
    Intercooler Kit
    Front/Rear Strut Tower Bars
    Lowering Springs
    Timing Belt
    Head Gasket
    Short throw shifter
    A Pillar 2 Gauge Pod
    Black boost gauge
    TDo6 20G Turbo Kit

    on top of the parts i have already

    innovate lc-1 wide band with xd-16 gauge
    Greddy profec type s boost controller
    Turbo timer
    cd/dvd/mp3/blue tooth player
    rockford fosgate 3 way component speaker with cross overs
    Alpine type r 10" sub
    Alpine mono amp
    The new seats i have

    This is the official list if all goes well and as planned.

    In time if money allows

    DSM link
    Walbro fuel pump
    52# injectors

    That should do it on a nice tune from 14-17psi of boost I'm not looking for anything too crazy. But, something fun. Granted it would be capable of alot more but, i'm looking for a good tune and fun on stock boost of 14psi to maybe 17psi tops and enjoy it.

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    Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

    I hate to see you leaving and losing the sl2 : /

    But you look like you've found a steal, I've always wanted a 1st or 2nd gen eclipse.
    I'm digging the color, I cant wait to see what you do with this Jason.
    *thumps up*
    Hans -
    From Boosted Sc2 to Ion Redline.


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      Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

      Thanks, I'm getting ready now to head out the door and check it out and put half down and ppick it up with the trailor on sunday.

      But, i wont be going anywere. I have a 2005 vue redline stock as well as a 1997 SL2 with all the bolt ons and cams. The 97 is the daily driver and the vue is the wifes or family car. This will just be the toy/fun car.

      well, time to get dressed and out the door. I got the call Sean is picking me up here shortly.


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        Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

        lucky bastird
        2007 chevy classic 2500hd 4x4 duramax
        1996 383 lt1 auto trans am
        1995 sl1. single cam of fury
        1995 jeep wrangler lifted 4x4 4.0
        1995 ford explorer 4x4


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          Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

          12mpg lol.

          J/k though, i really do like DSMs and sorta wish i was still gunna build mine, but i'm sure i'll get another chance later. Good luck with it.
          98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
          94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
          94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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            Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

            Originally posted by punkboySL2
            12mpg lol.

            J/k though, i really do like DSMs and sorta wish i was still gunna build mine, but i'm sure i'll get another chance later. Good luck with it.
            mpg dont mean shit when it's a toy car. LOL.

            Originally posted by sl2racer
            lucky bastird
            I sure hope so. Thanks!

            I'm uploading pics now. The camera which i didnt notice at the time was smudged up and the pics are a bit blury. But, mother fucker this thing is clean and all the parts are in the trunk ready to go. Just need to get the head off and inspec the valves and see wat i need to do and pick up those parts and replace the hg and timing belt and get it back together and get it legal when it runs.

            Then once this parts out finishes up with a few more people and if parts continue to sell then the parts list will come.


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              Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX


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                Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                So I paid $600 for now and chances are we could go back up tonight and pick it up if not tomorrow around 1pm. Tonight would be freaking awesome though.
                At that time i'll pay the other $600 and get the title and be set from there. I also spoke to a good friend who i've known since were were 15 and he's never owned anything other than dsm specifically talon, laser and eclipses. so i picked his brain today and he offered his help and opinion on things. But, once it's home i need to get working on the turd to get the parts out that are paid for, for now. Once thats done and with any extra free time i'll move onto working on the gsx and get the head off and see what and how many valves it need and pray for no other damage. Then get the hg and timing belt eplaced and it all back together and street legal. With the extra money from there i'll start picking up stuff on the list. First being the complete exhaust and intercooler kit with bov. Then next being the stb's and lowering springs and one by one after that.


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                  Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                  Well it's at my neighbors house with the title in my hands. Obviously i wont get to working on it until i get the stuff in the part out off and shipped. But, for now some more pics. I dropped the misc parts back in place just for the look. These are on my cell phone but, i'll see what the wife got on the camera.


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                    Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX


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                      Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                      Good find, definitely has some potential! I plan to have another DSM down the road. My favorite ones are red or burgundy (it just looks great with the black top).

                      96 SC2
                      07 335i
                      98 F150
                      87 GN


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                        Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                        Thanks. I'll get started on this car in the nwxt week or two. At least getting it running is the idea.


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                          Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                          nice overall!
                          i HATE those back seats!
                          i couldn't fit in them over 60 pounds ago
                          sigpic-VOLVO 745T 175K MBC ...
                          - 9 BOLT Aluminum Intake 3rd gen sedan... Beige... 160K

                          You're so crazy! enough in a way that i'll probably say you destroyed me!
                          ~The Used


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                            Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                            LOL! yeah i dont plan on having anyone back there. May be my daughter if she wants to go for a ride when it's ready. But, it's not a family car by any means. Aside from a test drive when it's ready i'll have at the most the wife and daughter. But, typically I dont for see anyone else other than me or a friend in the passenger seat.


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                              Re: 1990 Eclipse GSX

                              I'll have you know, I have been searching craigslist for a deal on one of those. Thanks Jason. lol.


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