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SleeperSL2's Ongoing DD Project

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  • SleeperSL2's Ongoing DD Project

    Well, decided to make one of these. Started out with a '92 SL2 Automatic. No starting pictures. Car wasn't driven hard only 84,000 miles on it.
    Started with basics. 17" Drag DR-17's(Sold)

    Then bought a cosmo racing intake, didnt like it so i traded it for a valve cover.
    After that i sold my sub set up and bought:
    Progress Springs and AMR Front Strut bar as well as rear hub spacers.Then bought a wingless trunk off of a member and here is how it sits now.

    Plans now are...
    -Install Springs, strut bar, and spacers this weekend
    -Buy rear disc setup and rear sway bar
    -new wheels.
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    It's only been 6 years since I've posted on here. Finally remembered my log in crap. Never really interacted with anyone just asked a shit ton of questions and did some dumb cheap mods, but I was 16-18 what else was I to do? Anyway, what brings me back is I want to finish what I started and build a clean, fun, Saturn. I haven't found the right chassis yet but I've already started collecting parts. In the mean time, i'll share what I've been messing with over the last few years.

    I traded in the SL2 because it had a timing chain issue and with starting college and literally no time to fix it, I bought a 2006 Ford Fusion.

    Had plans to lower it and throw some wheels on it but decided against it and kept it as a daily. Ended up buying a '96 Subaru Outback Sport for $350 off craigslist. Needed a starter, taillights and a gauge cluster to run. Bang, ran like a champ. I've had that for 4 years and it's been on and off the road as I mess with parts combinations and wheel/tire set ups. I'm finally near the "end" of where I'd like to be with the car, to kind of leave it alone and enjoy it. Currently sitting on Godspeed coilovers, 16x8 +23 re-drilled BBS BMW wheels, inferno fab header/test pipe and unknown car back. Gutted and lightened up since it's an N/A 2.2 (auto, yes I know, it's not manual, whatever.)

    Only plans left is body work / paint. Clean up the engine bay and meatier tires.

    Recently picked up this 1988 Dodge Ram W250 for $400 as well, just needs some going over and some general maintenance things and it's set.

    Which brings me to today. I want to build a Saturn that I wanted to when I was in high school, so I'm starting to keep my eye out for something decent to start with. I lost track of my car that I traded however Im open for anything, preferrably a first gen SC/SL/SW. I've already got black badges, rear hub spacers, ordered a AMR front strut bar. I have some plans in my head for where I want to go with whatever I pick up but for now I'll leave it be in my head haha.


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      Nice Subie. Not a bad lookin wagon.

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        Nice Subie, And nice chevy dog dish cap on a dodge. lol Can't wait to see what ya do with whatever satur you get.


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