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1994 SL2: The silence is golden build

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  • SC2Sick
    Re: 1994 SL2: The silence is golden build

    Engine pulled. Took a week longer to get started than planned.
    I snapped her downpipe in half out of rage... picked up a new one at the JY this morning

    My back went out when I bent down to start replacing the valve body so we called it a night.

    Finishing it up Saturday hopefully.

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  • SC2Sick
    started a topic 1994 SL2: The silence is golden build

    1994 SL2: The silence is golden build

    I need to stop dating girls who drive Saturns.

    1994 SL2 Auto

    The bad:
    Just shy of 200k miles
    Smoke screen and burns a quart in a 10 mile round trip
    Power Windows Stick
    Power locks don't function
    Sunroof is fucking caulked shut
    Front bumper, fender and hood are a different color than the rest of the car
    Trans won't shift into 4th half the time
    Shitty mouse track seatbelts

    The Good:
    ABS and 4 wheel disc brakes
    Frame is in great condition
    Sawtooths and brand new tires (well 3 sawtooths, one is a gear tooth but have a spare sawtooth)
    Exhaust system is actually in good shape too

    The plan:
    I found a 97 LL0 with great compression for $200
    Got rebuilt valve body for $200
    Find same color hood, bumper and fender
    Fix the rest of the stuff in the bad list which none of it is too difficult.

    She knows I own and work on Saturns so I won't have any silence until this thing is running.
    Motor is half way pulled, just need my friend to get back in town so I can get the hoist out of his garage.

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