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  • GBRunner's Colorado

    Well with the coupe gone and forgotten I figured I should make one of these for my truck.

    2004 Chevrolet Colorado ZQ8
    70k on the clock
    Fully Loaded

    As for now not much is going to get done because I'm off at college, but I definitely do have some plans.

    Plans include:
    Debaging of the whole car. Changing the front gold emblem to silver.
    Ported throttle body
    Clear headlights and side markers
    Tune from HPTuners
    Tint taillights
    Roll pan
    Billet front grill
    Some sort of sub, probably a small 10" I can just put under the rear seat

    We'll see where this goes! lol

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    Re: GBRunner's Colorado

    Well today I went through and did a little maintenance. Ran some seafoam through the gas, and plan on doing the vacuum seafoam tomorrow possibly. Cleaned the mass-airflow sensor, and looked at the filter. The old filter in there was really nasty so I decided to swap it out. Picked up a K&N drop in from Autozone because they were on sale and it seemed to help just a tad. I can definitely tell that some breathing mods will help this truck out a ton!


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      Re: GBRunner's Colorado

      7,000 or 70,000? Surprised the filter was nasty after 7..??
      - Justin [s]99 Blue SL2 - T3/T4 14psi[/s] (dead)

      FS: Pimped lower trans mount, TiAL 38mm Wastegate, Gauge Cluster, Oil Drain


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        Re: GBRunner's Colorado

        70k. Good catch Justin


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          Shittttttt I had one of these? Well I guess a yearly update would be nice right? Not much has changed, but at least theres some story to report.

          So that's how I got the truck last year. First thing I did was de-badge the whore. Goo-gone+blow dryer+fingernails=success.

          My stock interior. Mmmmm I love those hard GM plastics.

          Then I painted the front emblem silver. Fantastic right? It looked alright but was too bright for me.

          Now here's the fun part!

          So at first I was like...
          Originally posted by GBRunner24
          Haha omg I don't have to bring any tools or oil to the Dragon this year because my truck has nothing wrong with it. 110%!! Lmfaowtfroflcopterbbq fuck all you guys with your stupid Saturns
          Then I was like...

          Then it was like...


          Then it was like...


          So yeah if you weren't at the Dragon; basically I was being a stupid teenager who thought he was invincible and doing stupid tire smoking circle things because my truck doesn't have enough power to do real donuts. I stopped and it started ticking. Ticking turned into knocking and it barely made it back to the compound. Had to tow it all the way back up to Flint. Eternal thanks to JW for letting me use the truck and trailer, and to Andy for putting up with me so much over that week.

          Engine was shot. The strange circles starved it of oil and definitely bent a rod, possibly bending valves. I would have fixed it myself but I had about $2 to my name and had to be to college in 2 weeks. So my parents spat out the cash and got me a "new" motor. The motor that got swapped in was the same 3.5L inline 5 with about 30k miles on it. Too bad I spent all my money at TOTD and didn't have a job, or else this bitch would have a 5.3 in her.

          Since then not much has happened. I've been super broke and the weather as of late has been terribly shitty. So what can I scrounge up? Hmmm...

          Oh I painted my emblem again. A darker gunmetal color, and it looks fantastic now. Right? Right guys my painted emblem is so awesome?

          Weeeee it sparkles in the sun!!

          Here it is on my filthy truck. I think that was the last time it looked halfway decent. Since then it's accumulated snow and slush and pure shit all over it. In fact it looks grey right now.

          That's all I got for photos. I did get an intake which I painted that gunmetal color. It looked good before I had to drive in the snow and the slush got all over it. I'll take a picture of that eventually. Oh! I also painted some of my interior pieces that gunmetal. Don't worry it's not everything, just the radio surround which is similar to the 1st gen turds and the two side vents. They turned out well and much better than the plain stock grey.

          Latest thing was getting some Dunlop SP Sport tires. I like them much better than my other tires, whatever they were, Continentals or something. They've got a nice tread pattern and handle well for a truck on all seasons. They work in the snow too, and that's hard to say in a light RWD truck.

          That is all!


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            Oh and here's a photochop. Sure does look sexy when dropped right?

            Plans, in order that they'll actually happen:
            --Fix this damn wheel bearing or ball joint or whatever is starting to knock on hard rights on the drivers side wheel area
            --Lows! 2" springs in the front, 2" drop blocks in the back, then a low profile trans crossmember so i don't smash the normal one on literally every road in Michigan.
            --Roll-pan. I hate this normal bumper with a passion.
            --SuperModulation's big bore throttle body. Better throttle response due to using bearings rather than bushings (or the other way idk) and possibly a little more power for $75. I'll take that.
            --Wheels. Right now I've decided it will be one of these three, because all aftermarket wheels for this are stupid off road wheels because they decided to put a HEAVY DUTY AXLE ON A SMALL TRUCK! The three choices are either the 18" Xtreme wheels, 17" GMC Acadia wheels, or 18" Trailblazer SS replicas. Pictures...

            Xtremes. These would be my first choice, and hopefully in the stock gunmetal rather than silver. I'll take either.

            GMC Acadias. Can be found cheap and I'd paint the little inserts either black or gunmetal.

            Trialblazer SS Reps. Would be my last choice because they may not make them in 18"s anymore, and I'd probably have to get them new which means more money. Painted gunmetal of course.

            --Electric cut-out. I love having my quiet exhaust for most of driving around, but I really wish I had something nice and loud like I used to. Perfect solution.
            --HP Tuners tune. Waiting on this till after I get the exhaust and TB so I can tune it for that, but I really need to get rid of this damn 1st gear torque management.
            --Tint front windows to match back. It's always just bothered me.

            I believe that's all that's really plausible at this time, and I'd be extremely happy with all that. As for'll sit in the townhouse parking lot because I don't have a dollar to my name to pay for gas.


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              If I haven enough credits, we could do some tune:30 at TOTD if you haven't already by then.

              2002 LOL200 113HP/122TQ
              2012 Chevy Cruze LT/RS


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                Originally posted by stevejr47 View Post
                If I haven enough credits, we could do some tune:30 at TOTD if you haven't already by then.
                That would be awesome, and would save me like $400 or so for a tune. You can get cheaper baseline mail order ones, but I want the real thing if I'm gonna do it.


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                  I dont know if these are your style but I have seem these on a Colorado and thought they look great. I really want a colorado to bag and make sexy. Im sure whatever you do it will look sweet.


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                    1 piece wheels trying to look like 2 piece wheels = Fail.
                    '97 SC1m: Rebuilt and wrecked
                    '95 SL2m: Engine swapped and sold
                    '96 SW2a: Cleaned up and sold
                    '98 SC2m: Replaced EVERYTHING and sold
                    '98 SC2m: New head and sold
                    '96 SL2m: Daily driver mobile
                    '05 IonQCm: GF's car

                    '95 SW2m
                    : In search of...


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                      Oh man, I'm so sick of seeing Rockstars on everything. What's wrong with you stock wheels? I think they look good on it, without painting.


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                        My friend has these on his Colorado. He painted over the nascar bs and left the center cap off.


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                          can't wait to see this thing dropped.
                          I agree the Xtreme wheels look the best. whats the width? 7.5" im guessing?

                          TOY: 95 SW1 Turbo 5 spd DOHC swapped - Sold.
                          DD: 04 ION Redline (stock)


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