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Justin's '98 SL (now DOHC) - P & P & F build

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  • Justin's '98 SL (now DOHC) - P & P & F build

    I'm Bored so i thought I'd kill some time and post up the goods on my baby, she's a 1998 SL (AT).
    Lil Satty is my only car for now, and DD. she takes a beating more then any other cars i know of, and the plans are to keep her a DD but with a mildly built N/A setup. she wont be getting a 5spd swap unless i get extremely bored..AT trannys can be setup stronger, and better than manuals.

    1998 SOHC engine & transmission
    freshly shaved emblems, rear bumper, & trunk key hole
    hand-made fully functional hood scoop (for RAM AIR)
    custom painted hood - Famous logo, & brass knuckles all over
    custom tinted tail lights (painted) black w/ Famous logo in center(still red)
    painted front side markers - black
    perfectly done spray paint job - Storm gray top w/ metallic black bottom (seperated at body line)
    Ebay - 3" can muffler (sounds really nice) **I also ran just straight pipe for awhile**
    Spectre 3" red air filter - ram air setup
    Snow Performance water/methanol injectioin system
    custom dome light conversion to green strobe lights
    green headlight strobes
    white bumper strobes
    hand made 5 switch in dash panel (above radio)
    Rockford Fosgate amp. install kit (4aut)
    Pioneer CD/mp3 headunit (lights up green)
    headunit install kit
    Dual two 12" sub.'s in box (lit up blue & white)
    Jenson 400watt amplifier
    flip-flop style trunk

    **PRESENT** (same as past setup if not stated below)
    1992 SL2 DOHC engine & transmission & PCM
    custom engine wiring harness (basically started from scratch wiring it up)
    new Spectre 3" red air filter (RAM AIR setup)
    '92 stock header - the one that looks like an aftermarket
    catty converter DELETED
    Ebay can style muffler (now dumps out the side right under front seats) **LOUD**
    shitty Neon green spray painted steelies (i got bored one day)
    DEER DAMAGE - drivers side headlight, bumper, hood, & fender are screwed..
    Kenwood two 12" sub.'s in carpeted box
    Alpine 1000 or 1200 watt amp. (not exactly sure on size)
    blue round fog lights
    gutted trunk

    DEER DAMAGE fixed
    Black halo headlights
    17" black 5spoke rims & low profile tires
    rear disc. brake conversion
    professionally tinted taillights (still with Famous logo)
    shaved trunk lid w/ slanted license plate
    20% tinted windows
    side mirror turn signals
    suicide rear doors
    front & rear upper strut braces
    2.5" drop springs
    custom ITB setup (port matched, and matched runner lengths)
    larger fuel injectors (matched to intake needs)
    extensive head porting
    block bored .030" over
    forged high compression pistons, rings, & rods
    twin Intake cam swap
    ....maybe some more things added to this list...

    its a saturn. get over it.<br /><br />1998 SL(2) - 1992 drivetrain swap, custom engine harness, whole lot done to it. -she gets me from A to B relieably-

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    Re: Justin's '98 SL (now DOHC) - P &amp; P &amp; F build

    heres some pictures of my lil baby:
    (theres wayy more pictures posted on my Car Domain page: )
    its a saturn. get over it.<br /><br />1998 SL(2) - 1992 drivetrain swap, custom engine harness, whole lot done to it. -she gets me from A to B relieably-


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