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Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

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  • Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

    ok I've stolen enough threads on this forum and it's time to make my own thread about my car so that I don't do it anymore.

    and yes, I once again brought a Honda to a Saturn meet.

    I bought the car from a friend who was at the salvage auctions. Some idiot stole this piece and a block and a half down the street ran it into a lightpole.....
    the owner said fuck it and let the insurance company take care of it.

    So this is how I bought the car originally.

    If you were wondering that is in fact mold on the dashboard, it's supposed to be black.....

    the torque is dripping from this powerplant........all 100ft-lbs of it!!!

    So I brought it home and started throwing all of my time and money into it. I started by putting full GSR suspension on it and dropping it

    in this pick notice that I had 13s on the back and 14s in the front because the GSR brakes do not fit under the stockers.....and yes it was dropped all the way down I couldnt get up curbs like this.

    same dash as earlier just less mold. check out my awesome ignition!!!!

    And then I wrecked it and it was time to get a free paint job courtesy of some stupid girl in a jeep who thought stop actually meant go....

    And for the fun stuff.......that's right boys and girls the engine swap....time to get fast.

    WTF is silent Bob doing in my engine bay?

    changed the rims mirrors and hood

    some new brakes so i can stop

    MY seat that I absolutely LOVE to hate

    And finally what you bastids opened this thread to actually see in the first place. the Turbo setup......

    EGR delete (OEM honda....haha no aftermarket here!)

    the dragon

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    Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

    And for a list of mods

    Skunk2 front upper control arms
    Ingalls rear camber adjusters
    H&R street coilovers
    ASR subframe brace
    ITR 22mm rear sway bar

    stock GSR
    Powerslot plus kit on front
    '89 civic Ex 15/16 master cylinder

    ITR Flamenco Black Pearl paint
    VIS "OEM" CF hood
    VIS "Sp00n" CF mirrors
    VIS "duckbill" CF spoiler
    JDM (y0) headlights and corners
    4300K Hid retros
    16" Rota slipstreams (BLACK)

    F1 spec CF "sp00n" driver seat
    NRG "cheap ass racing" passenger seat

    Kenwood KVT-717 head unit
    Kenwood KNA-G510 Navigation add on
    removed(RF fanatic P 6.5" component set (1" dome tweeter mounted in door panel)
    RF Power HX2 12" subs (2)
    RF BD1000
    JL 400x4)

    Engine and Trans
    k24a4 5spd guts w/ LSD in RSX-S case
    Hasport EGk1 mounts
    custom -6 AN stainless fuel lines
    Golden eagle Pro series fuel rail
    AEM universal FPR
    custom wiring harness
    Hondata K-pro
    Revo RSX type S adjustable throw shifter box
    Karcepts shifterbox mount kit
    DSS level 2.9 axles
    Full Apexi N1
    Visteon EP3 radiator
    ACT 8.8lb flywheel
    Competition Clutch stage 4
    Turbo Setup
    Full-race side mount manifold
    Full-Race 3" downpipe
    Garrett GT3082R
    Tial 44mm WG
    Tial 50mm BOV
    Treadstone TRV185 Intercooler
    completely custom charge piping
    completely custom WG dump
    Hondata boost control solenoid
    GM 3 bar map (hey look a GM part)
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      Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

      Wow, I had no idea the car came that far. I love seeing junk turned into gold.


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        Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

        WOW, fucking sweet man!
        Too bad I have no pics of my car when I first got it. It was a "convertible" haha
        But damn! That's a shitload of work! And you did it all yourself. When I got mine, I just gave it to some other dude to fix it until 5 years later I learned how to do everything. That's quite amazing!
        2000 SL2 5 speed, boosted, meth injected, parted out...268whp & 254wtq (stock pump maxed out)..


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          Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

          Nice build Randy. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]


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            Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

            very nice i didnt realized that it was that shitty when you got it

            there is no way of telling looking at it now
            &quot;When you stop to fill up on oil, don't forget to check your gas&quot;<br /><br /><br /><br />


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              Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

              very nice indeed.


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                Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                I remember you saying it was a pile when you picked it up but never saw the pics, i too love seeing them go from crap to bad ass.

                You know I love your EG as I was drooling on it at the dragon lol.

                Nice ride.
                1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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                  Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                  Damn nice EG. Love the K-series swap!! I didn't realize it had that much badass shit done to it. Keep us updated for real!
                  2010 Chevy Cobalt lt sedan.&nbsp; Black granite 5 speed.&nbsp; Mods: 2.5 inch catback, LSJ exhaust manifold and downpipe.


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                    Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                    i think i jizzed when i started to see the engine + turbo work


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                      Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                      You are obviously Jason Bourne.... the "treadstone" intercooler
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                        Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                        i lold when i saw treadstone but couldnt rememberwhy.. now i do lol


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                          Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                          thanks everybody.

                          when you guys saw treadstone you seriously thought about the bourne supremacy and not Treadstone intercoolers? good god you guys have some learning to do!


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                            Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                            Yeah, I hope they were kidding. If not:



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                              Re: Hydrokracker's Riced out honda

                              now why cant all civics driven by teenagers and shit be anything CLOSE to this? Shits fucking gorgeous man.
                              2013 Mazda 3 / 2013 Ninja 300


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