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  • SC2Sick's Future Daily Driver

    Traded the turbo kit from my SC2 for a 96 SL2.

    I flew out to NY and drove it back and the further I got on the trip the more oil I used and the more coolant mysteriously disappeared.. I'm still driving it but have the SC1a that won't die as an uber reliable backup.

    The good:
    4 doors
    Power Windows and Locks (no sunroof)
    5 bolt DOHC engine
    manual swapped
    MP2 with welded diff
    newish clutch
    good hydros
    2 1/4" catback (going on sc2)
    Good tires

    The bad:
    Burns Oil (1 quart since oil change Tuesday morning about 100 lightly driven miles)
    Coolant mysteriously disappears
    Power windows sometimes stick and have to be moved by hand
    Stereo wiring harness needs to be redone
    It's got blue stripes and it's too cold out to paint over them right now
    Valve cover, washer fluid reservoir and intake manifold painted same blue as the stripe on the side
    no headliner

    The Plan:
    Make this as comfortable a daily driver as a 2nd gen sedan can be
    Rebuild or locate another DOHC engine
    Fix the windows and reconnect the power locks
    Install overhead counsel and get new headliner
    Swap the good tires from the painted alloys onto my Koenigs
    Get a cheap paint job

    Here is its current condition Owner
    2016 Honda Fit
    2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
    2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax

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    Re: SC2Sick's Future Daily Driver

    the radiator is bad on that thing
    i'd suggest looking to that for your coolant loss
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    - 9 BOLT Aluminum Intake 3rd gen sedan... Beige... 160K

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      Re: SC2Sick's Future Daily Driver

      God damn UGLY.

      That said, Water-pump? Rad? Reservoir Cap? As for the Oil Burning, I thought this thing was supposed to be recently rebuilt? Or am I thinking of another car?

      Ethanol and Boost: My Anti-Drugs.

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      1998 Saturn SC2 - Garbage. Pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, garbage.
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