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slammed's never ending turbo build (update 05/22/10)

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  • slammed's never ending turbo build (update 05/22/10)

    car was first purchased May 2003

    with a couple of bolt ons car went 15.5 @88.88
    AEM cold air intake
    crush bent 2-1/4 exhaust
    ebay coilovers

    turbo charged it in 2004 and blew the motor may 2005 and that is where the build began

    GE sleeved and o-ringed block
    CP 9.5:1 .080 pistons
    Crower rods
    2001 girdle with matching hardware
    JG ported head
    ferrea valves, dual valve springs and retainers
    ARP head studs

    97 mp3 tranny
    Mfactory LSD
    MCleod magforce clutch
    stock axles til they break

    Turbo setup:
    Precision 62/62 billet turbo .63 hot side polished compressor housing
    custom exhaust manifold
    custom intake manifold
    LS1 throttle body
    Precision 640hp intercooler
    2.5" hot side intercooler piping
    3" cold side intercooler piping
    ZEX direct port nitrous 75 horse jets
    custom fuel rail
    Fuel injector clinic 1650cc injectors
    Koyo civic radiator
    TIAL 44mm wastegate
    4" stainless down pipe out of hood
    Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
    Walbro 400l fuel pump 6an feed and stock feed as a return
    SDA dog bones and groundpounder
    Greddy type S blow off valve
    custom nology wires

    full energy suspension bushing kit
    Agility coilovers
    rear disc conversion
    cross drilled and slotted rotors all around
    hawk brake pads
    Manual steering rack

    Custom 4 point roll cage
    corbeau cr1 racing seats
    rci racing harness
    dash, carpet, headliner, and all panels coverted to black
    custom gauge cluster
    Autometer C2 guages
    5" in dash tach
    3-3/8" speedo
    2-1/16" boost
    2-1/16" wideband
    2-1/16" oil pressure
    2-1/16" water temp
    2-1/16" fuel pressure
    2-1/16" pyro
    2-1/16" volts
    2-1/16" nitrous pressure
    2-1/16" fuel level

    Electronics and fuel delivery:
    Haltech platinum sport 1000
    Haltech boost controller
    MSD LS1 blaster coils

    Work Emotion CR Kai 18x7.5 wrapped in yokohama prada spec 2
    215/35/18 front
    225/35/18 rear
    Lenso xpd slicks and skinnys
    M&H 24.5x8.5x13 slicks

    some of the parts

    Exhaust manifold

    Turbo setup complete



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    Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

    nice bay. got alotta shit going on. props. i like your plug wires and coils(?)
    --Devin<br />91 S-10 *IRON DUKE*<br />2.5L 5 spd. rust? thats my weigh reduction method<br />94 SC2 *KILLED BY DRUNK DRIVER*&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; <br />daily driven autocrosser-soon to be a booster.<br />94 SL1 *KILLED FOR PARTS*<br />parts car, no title, no registration, &lt;--7 tickets, sent to junk yard<br />does this taste like ghb? cuz if not...good. and if so...good<br />[img width=600 height=149][/img]


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      Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

      very nice. I feel like i've seen this before.


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        Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

        the coils are mounted that is an older picture


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          Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

          Fucking awesome. But I've told you that before. Can't wait to see you run at NED!
          - Justin [s]99 Blue SL2 - T3/T4 14psi[/s] (dead)

          FS: Pimped lower trans mount, TiAL 38mm Wastegate, Gauge Cluster, Oil Drain


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            Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

            its like im starting all overr again though, while starting it spun a rod bearing for reason which were never discovered to date. So motor is out of the car and i decided to tidy up the engine bay quite a bit here are some pics


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              Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

              Wow that looks amazing. So it never actually ran like that? or was the spun bearing on start up a different time?


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                Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                it ran on 2 cylinders like that for 5 mins then spun a rod bearing. It ran on 2 cylinders because we had to change the way we had the ignition was wired up but hope to have it up and running this spring


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                  Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                  Looks like it was and will be a BEAST!!! Good luck with it.
                  2010 Chevy Cobalt lt sedan.&nbsp; Black granite 5 speed.&nbsp; Mods: 2.5 inch catback, LSJ exhaust manifold and downpipe.


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                    Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                    Nice. I want to see it run.

                    Who made the custom exhaust and intake manifolds? The exhaust looks like the one Alpha Tuning offers. Their site says that modification to the cradle is needed to make it fit though.
                    ~Masta Paco~ aka Eric M

                    '02 SL1 auto ---------- dd (fake White Hot wheels, hand full of minor appearance shit, boom-boom stereo)
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                    '90 240sx -------------- street driven track toy (Silva front, mild built SR20, full suspension, ect...shooting for 11's on street tires this season)

                    "And another thing, when I gun the motor, I want people to think the world is coming to an end." - Homer Simpson


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                      Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                      i thought the same thing when i saw that. either way, nice build
                      '02 Mustang GT Convertible - 435rwph Kenne Bell Daily
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                      '88 Mustang GT - Abandoned - Parted Out
                      '97 SL2 - Back-Up Daily - SOLD


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                        Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                        Well he appears to already have the front crossmember removed, so might be possible.

                        Anyways, awesome car!


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                          Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                          yes i cut the crossmemeber when i had the first turbo set up. I'm going to put something in its place when everything is back and running


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                            Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                            wow, that's pretty nuts! that upper rad "pipe" though, aren't you worried about engine rocking and cracking that thing? I'd put a bit more hose in there to allow some flex, no engine mount is 100% solid.
                            2000 SL2 5 speed, boosted, meth injected, parted out...268whp &amp; 254wtq (stock pump maxed out)..


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                              Re: slammed's never ending turbo build

                              wow, that thing is sick. Nice build. I'd love for mine to look like that some day.
                              98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
                              94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
                              94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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