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Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon (Updadte 11/22/2011)

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  • Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon (Updadte 11/22/2011)

    Well after a looooooooooong ass search to find a decent 1st gen wagon, white and in good shape with power options, I finally came across one.

    I finally decided to ditch the turbo coupe idea and sold off all of my turbo stuff for the SC1.5. I want to find another car to play with for that and needed to find a better Saturn for a good daily. Something that would be dependable, comfortable and still fun and I have wanted a wagon for many, many years.

    I finally came to the conclusion to just swap over my ENTIRE SC into a wagon and that is what I did. I found a clean, white, 1993 SW2 with aftermarket leather seats/door panels, power windows, power locks, cruise control, a/c, abs, etc... which was exactly what I have been looking for. I wanted all the options except abs/traction control so I decided to remove the whole brake system from the wagon and use my master/booster from the coupe but this would require a trip to the junkyard to pull some rear hard lines as the coupe rear lines are a shorter wheelbase. This turned out to be easier than I thought.

    Anyway, on to the pics.....

    The original 1993 Saturn SW2;

    The tear down on the 1993 SC1.5 begins;

    Comparison of Bob's 1995 SW2 with Sprint Extremes vs. completely stock 1993 SW2;

    What?? You guys did not know about that limited '95 SW2 GSI AWD????

    1993 SW2 - Slow and Low

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    Re: Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon

    Brought the wagon in for the night and parked it under the coupe, thought this was a cool shot.

    Pressure washed the engine and bay before removal

    Cradle complete with engine, brakes, steering and AMR's is out of the coupe..

    Bob helping out....

    Coupe bay..

    Rear subframe out, complete with brakes and AMR's

    Coupe is out of the garage.....

    Gotta be a Saturn record, a Saturn ON jackstands ON a freakin trailer lol!!

    Autotragic go bye-bye

    You can see the 1995 manual seatbelt and a pillar swap is already in place;

    1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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      Re: Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon

      I decided I did not want the ABS brake system in the wagon. I know I could just yank the fuse and it would bypass the system but since I was going to completely strip the car, why not just remove the entire system while I was at it?

      I had to run to the yard and pull the rear hard lines from a 95 sedan since my coupe is the short wheel base setup. I then re-used my front lines from the coupe as well as the master/booster, since I know it was in good working order. Here is a few shots of the abs and non-abs master/boosters side by side.

      Beyond that I just did not want that huge mess under my hood, so I said fuck it and just yanked it all. It wound up being easier than I thought and since I was removing the steering column (to replace with my '92 column and Grant wheel) as well as the brake pedal to install the manual pedals, removing the brake booster was not bad.

      The wagon bay is empty

      Shot of the rear brake hard lines about to be installed

      I was running out of room at this point lol. Here is the wagon cradle/engine/auto trans and you can see the coupe rear sub frame/suspension as well as other misc parts

      Wagon bay

      Workin' on the pedals/master-booster

      Coupe cradle/engine/suspension going back into the wagon

      Found out that the rear sills were badly rusted out, did not see this until I got it home.

      Found out from Dan and Adam that you could order a replacement part from an aftermarket company to help repair this. Here is a comparison of the part and the damage on the driver side.

      Passenger side is removed and the remaining corrosion is removed and then hit with a lot of Ospho to kill the rust.

      Passenger side finished.

      Had to re-locate my horn since I now have a condenser (a/c) and it would no longer fit, found it a new home.

      Almost done, car is filthy and needs a clay bar and waxing bad as well as sphere and stc decals to make it official.

      I am in the process of waxing it and will post the finished pics today sometime.
      1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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        Re: Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon (LOTS of pics)

        Well I have been working on re-wiring the oil press/water temp and nitrous press gauges (since I cannot use the old locations), nitrous system/bottle warmer/purge/bottle and brackets, electric cutout and the manual fan override. Also re-installed the MSD ignition.

        I had to find new homes for everything since the coupe was totally gutted and in this car I have lost a lot of those spots. I don't like anything on the dash or a-pillar so you have to get a bit creative lol.

        Re-installing the solenoids and re-wiring the master arm, wot switch, fan switch, etc..

        Decided to mount the nitrous pressure gauge in the center console and the digital window switch in the glove box.

        Mounted the oil pressure and water temp gauges where the ash tray used to be, switch panel is back in place and you can see the MSD ignition now mounted underneath the passenger seat.

        Plenty of clearance and space for good air flow and easy reach for switch adjustment. When the seat is back you can't even see it.

        Shot of the nitrous gauge install finished. An easy place to see it and keeps it out of sight.

        Dash is pretty much set now

        Next I need to finish the bottle warmer and brackets in the rear but I am waiting for a new battery before I decide on where to mount the bottle. I also have to re-wire the cruise control since I am not using a factory wheel. I am also making a better and stronger template for the two gauges where the ashtray was. I used a thin piece of plastic for test fitment and will now make a stronger one out of a broken dash cover, I am hoping since its the same material it will blend better down there and match the console.
        1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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          Re: Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon (LOTS of pics)

          Just adding some more pics of the wagon as it sits now.

          1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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            Re: Seann's 1993 SW2 - The Shaggin' Wagon (LOTS of pics)

            I made a questions and comments thread now separate from this one.

            Questions and comments here now

            Decided to remove the rear wiper assembly today, which is funny since I went through the trouble to remove and re-install the wagon rear wiper control into my current '92 steering column when I built the car lol. Oh well, if I ever want to put it back, it's easy enough and will work.

            Removed the rear wiper and arm, motor assembly, lines and fluid reservoir.

            Then I had to plug the glass, looked at different auto parts stores with no luck. I decided to head to the junkyard and look through some cars for a body plug. I found a perfect fit and look, using a trunk plug from a mid-90's Honda Accord. It's a good fit and is a flush finish (most I had seen were deep and would have looked off) so it should do the job nicely. I think it cleans up the back of the wagon well.

            Even though it fits very tight, I decided to rtv the inside of it just in case, you can't see this since the inner hatch cover goes over it so no worries. I know it's water sealed now.

            1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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              Had a buddy that owed a couple of favors so I finally replaced the front fascia (with the fascia from the old SC1.5 actually) with one that was not as beat up and with no tag holes. He re-painted it and she's looking much cleaner now. I re-painted the white mirrors (some of you remember that whole story lol) and am now searching for a rear fascia that is in perfect shape physically, so I can repaint it. Also finally grabbed one of those headlight re-finishing kits and got the one bad one looking like brand new again. Couple of other little odds and ends and she's back to being a good little daily after the engine rebuild pita.

              I swore I was not putting any more money into it but oh well lol. Anyway, was out with the camera the other day after giving it a bath and just decided to add up some pics of what it is looking like now.

              That's it for now, just got some small things to work on. The drivers side window stops just short of going up so the gear must be worn out, that's next on the list of things to fix.

              As always, questions, comments, etc.. the Q&A thread is HERE
              1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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                Looks MUCH nicer!
                Originally posted by ECOtec Gods
                Consider this: 800 hp is a lot on a 2.0L motor. With 750hp, three-quarters of a thousand you're basically dealing with 6.14 hp per cubic inch. Pressures and stresses of all kinds thermal and mechanical loading across the board escalate to extreme levels. A Chevrolet 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with this much specific power (horsepower per cubic inch) would be making 2,137 hp


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