okay so the beggining....

3years ago, while I was a freshman in high school I get a call in the parking lot. Pops:"guess what I bought you?" me:"idk what?" pops:"I bought you a Saturn" me:"oh shit....".

Thus started the love/hate relationship between me and my car.

The car- a 95' SL2 auto with only 85,000k(more now)

My car isn't exactly built for the street, I'm more of a car audio enthusiast, now I know saturns and love them, but I'm not about to go screwin around with my DD.

The engine- DOHC w/shaved head; rebuilt top end; high output alternator; helluva battery.

The zounds--

JVC head unit with detachable face
x2 Fusion 6 1/2's in front
x2 Tweeters dash mounted
x2 combination Audiopipe XXX mids/tweeters mounted above rear seats above doors
x2 Fusion Powerplant Competition 6 by 9's in the rear
x2 Audiopipe XXX 12 inch subwoofers in custom box(facing forward so I can fold down the seats)
Audiopipe XXX 1000 watt 2 channel amp(subwoofers)
Audiopipe XXX 800 watt 4 channel amp(speakers)

I know many people don't normally go for sound in a turd but I am.

Next mods planned-

Foam and dynamat(stop vibration)
Another battery
Fusion Comp subs
Fusion Comp amps