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    I know the cams will lose some power down low, but this feels like how the car was on 42lb injectors and supercharged, has nothing for power just accelerating normal. Also still having idle/drivability issues. When the car is cold it will run/idle fine. AFR at idle will be around 12, throttle response isn't bad. Once you put the car under load just driving normal it will feel like its pulling a ton of timing and doesn't really want to move. Idle will be super lean anywhere from 15 to maxing out the gauge at 20. Will also randomly want to stall, and throttle response is terrible. Has a Geo Storm GSI with a BRP 4in intake, not sure if that would make any sort of difference? I put the stock throttle body back on with the bigger intake, still ran the same.

    So far I've done the following:
    Smoked the car for vacuum leaks
    Replaced the coolant temp sensor (fans turn on like normal now, didn't before)
    Replaced the plug for the MAP and replaced the MAP itself
    Changed out the IAC
    Tried a different PCM
    Checked vacuum at idle, its around 12hg

    TPS is reading .4 volts at idle 0% throttle, MAP is showing 2.68v at idle which is super high. Should be around 1v correct? I checked and made sure it was getting 5v with the key on not running.


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