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Slow97Sl1's slow rebuild

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  • Slow97Sl1's slow rebuild

    Well, after wasting time on tsn back in the day (i never posted on there) I tried to figure out what could be done to get my free car to actually move faster. My search began on google which led me to of all places--saturnfans.. So I checked out one of their stickies which led me to tsn. That led me to try to accumulate parts to get my trans swap done (still not done yet). After tsn went down, I figured screw it, I'll just get rid of the car and get a 240sx. That didn't last long after realizing that 6 kids in my neighborhood had 240sx's. After checking places for parts, I went back to saturnfans (never liked it due to lack of organization and accurate anything on performance) and clicked the link for this site. I figured, why not, I'll check out some stuff on there. After a while of just creeping around as a guest, I figured that I should sign up so that I could get some answers for my questions.

    Then I met Tony, and after riding in his sc2 I decided to actually put some effort back into my car to get it running not as slow. Well, before I could even get the rebuild parts for my spare dohc engine, I murdered the head on my engine. (Ask Tony if you don't believe how bad it was). That led me to just park the bastard for the winter as long as I am out of state for college, and poor as piss. Then later in the summer, I finally got to see Jason's (ricesucks!!!) car in action, and got a ride in it, which just totally got me addicted to boost. Last weekend I rode in Scotty's car (surprisingly enough it was running) and made up my mind that I would somehow accumulate parts to get my car turboed by the end of the school year. Well yesterday Tony sent me a text message while sitting in my dorm to check the for sale section, and within a few minutes, I had bought Pimped_SC2's old sleeper kit.

    So now I have parts waiting at home for me from Tony and Jason, I will be getting the turbo kit within the next month. I'll be getting the engine block reassembled within the next month with all new goodies. Then at fall break (late October), when I have a week to be home, I'll be ripping the drivetrain out of my sl1 and replacing it with all the new goodies. Thanksgiving is when I hope to finally have my megasquirt dialed in, so that I can piss people off for a little while before I have to park it for winter.

    Parts List:
    Turbo setup - $1000
    Originally posted by Pimped_SC2
    This is the setup off of my 95. I made 210whp/255wtq with this setup running really rich on 10psi. You should be able to get over 300whp with tuning.

    This is what you will get:

    - REAL Garrett/AiResearch T3/T4 Turbo (.42/.48 IIRC), less than 5000 miles on it. Adjustable wastegate. Perfect condition.
    - 3" downpipe, tapped for O2 sensor
    - AC saver 5 bolt manifold
    - 2.25 IC piping
    - Reinforced silicone couplers w/T-bolt clamps
    - 2.5 in/out IC, core is 28x6.5x3 IIRC
    - TurboXS BOV
    - #4 SS braided feed line, #10 SS braided drain line, Aeroquip fittings, + fitting for oil galley in block to feed line
    - (2) 10" slim fans with bracket for stock radiator
    - Charge pipe has bosses for 2 injectors, I can weld those shut if requested.
    - misc vacuum lines and whatever else I missed

    All you will need is some type of engine management and tap your oil pan and you will be boosting. This is a proven setup with all quality brand name parts that I purchased brand new.
    Megasquirt - $120 (complete with everything)
    Strut Bars - $50 for both
    B&G springs - $75
    Full black interior from junkyard - $100 (rough estimate, i know it for sure didn't cost any more)
    Gauge cluster and spoiler - FREE (from Tony during spring cleaning)
    sohc Hyper pistons w/hastings rings - $120 (from tony, put in a block but never used)
    Scat rods - $340
    gasket set - $?
    Bearings - $109
    Timing Chain set - $?

    Start date - September 21, 2008
    End date - June 2009
    Thanks to - Everyone who sold me parts and has given me advice.

    Q & A here -- viewtopic.php?f=61&t=38782
    Do all of your thread shitting there instead of in this one, please!

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    Re: Slow97Sl1's slow rebuild

    update, if anyone really cares.. nothing has happened on this car since i originally posted.. i'll be receiving the turbo kit on friday or saturday, and will hopefully just get the head swapped along with the transmission.. if i successfully do that, i'll get some injectors ordered, along with a wideband and boost gauge so that i can just get the car running with a rough street tune.. i'll be rocking the stock steelies for a while longer, and hopefully can just have some fun with the car n/a until all the rest of my parts arrive.. I'll update with pictures as soon as parts start coming in..

    i haven't decided if i will run my ms2 that i have, or if i will sell it in favor of a tec2.. preferably the tec2 is the way that i will go, but it will depend on what happens within the next few days.

    i hopefully will be able to make my 170k mile bottom end last at least until spring, but if i kill this engine, i won't be pissed off at all.. I am currently undecided on what I plan on using for pistons come spring. with my power goals, i figure that i should be fine with a set of sohc hypers.

    any comments can just be posted in the comments thread.


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