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My Future SL2 build

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  • My Future SL2 build

    I bought my second SL2 a few weeks ago. As of right now its bone stock. There is only 95k on the engine. Is a 93 5spd. I want to start building the car and here are my plans.

    I'm looking for input on what I'm doing, I want to get around 15-20psi or 300hp...

    -Bore 40 over
    -Port n Polish Intake manifold
    -Ported TB
    -Stock Cams
    -42lb Injectors
    -.50 Trim Turbo or 16g
    -Stock Head/Valves/Springs etc...
    -Stock Crank
    -2 1/2" Exhaust
    -ACT 6-Puck either sprung or unsprung
    -Stock flywheel unless I can find a deal on a light weight
    -SAFC or MC
    -255lph Walbaro Fuel Pump
    -Crower Rods
    -JE Pistons
    -ARP Head Studs
    -38mm wastegate 7psi spring
    -Type S BOV or HKS
    -Intercooler (dont know what brand yet)

    What do you think of the build???

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    Re: My Future SL2 build

    Looks like you could use an intercooler....
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      Re: My Future SL2 build

      What is an MC?

      You'll need something to control boost, 7psi won't make 300whp.

      Go for the sprung 6 puck. Actually, the street disc would even hold with your requirements. Doesn't matter though.

      Are you buying the P&P intake manifold? If so, I'd suggest spending the money on headwork instead. Or if you're doing it yourself, don't forget to P&P the head as well.

      Honestly, I wouldn't trust a SAFC at 200whp, nevermind 300whp. Not saying it's impossible, but it'd be stupid. I assume by MC you may have meant MS, which would be good, because you really should be looking at timing control with goals that high. MS can also function as your boost controller, which is nice.

      I'm not sure 4 42lb injectors can support 300whp. You may want to double check the math on that before you buy them and max them out when the time comes.

      I might look into 3" for exhaust, but 300whp with 2.5" is definitely do able.
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