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The Fat Ass 95 SL2 daily driver build

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  • The Fat Ass 95 SL2 daily driver build

    Cobalt is going down so it can be turbo since tuning is available for the L61 in the Cobalts!!! YAY! So I wanted a new daily driver and decided to snag up this one from Jeremy. At least this one is drivable, but i think the valve seals are toast now so it doesn't drive. 1-2 quarts of oil in less then 100 miles is a bit excessive. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img] , So I decided to rebuild one of my spare engines to stick in it. My plains are basic, stock rebuild with a few cheap minor tweaks. Mainly just to make it very reliable and clean as fuck under the hood.

    I have basic bolt ons in mind, but I may get greedy and slap a nitrous kit on it since the Cobalt will be down for a long time. Hopefully I will refrain from doing so, so that money can go to the Cobalt. But anyways here are some initial pictures of crap laying around.........

    still trying to completely clean motor (i media blasted it, and am going over it with wire brush to shine it a bit)

    going to run the 01 piston/rod combo with 97 crank

    going to fully weld diff, blast the trans too, and paint the gear selector and five gear/reverse cover to match valve cover

    just need to sand the saturn lettering down and lay clear on it

    thats it for now.................. need monies!!
    Ian---The Fat Ass

    1995 SL2-High compression engine FOR SALE
    2010 Chevy Cobalt SS- tuned with plenty of goodness
    2002 SC2-New daily
    2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 KRT- got a stupid deal
    2003 Ford Taurus SES- free daily beater

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