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  • 97 SC2

    I bought this car for $500 knowing it needed work.
    160xxx miles

    Obviously i need new ones but that will be later here is what im working on first.

    That last one shows how bad the clutch was got to thinking this guy must have been riding the clutch in every gear lol but it was the stock one and at 160xxx wth.

    My favorite picture.

    as you can see on the left a bolt is missing well this is the case with the right rear as well heres a nice reminder of do your own work to your OWN car he snapped 2 bolts that are currently stuck in the head.Going to be ez outing when i finish clutch.

    This damn thing leaks like a civ thx to not having a decent rain up until yesterday i just noticed it now i need to pull almost a whole new interior.(Im going to remove the whole roof and put one without a sunroof in it maybe havent decided yet after all they aint my thing anyway.

    Bone Stock

    Looks pretty good lol

    so this is my project will be fixing it to perfect running condition before ANY mods are done to it.

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    Re: 97 SC2

    Heres another problem i just noticed time for a new TAM


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      Re: 97 SC2

      I noticed the tam just from the pics.


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        Re: 97 SC2

        yeah im doing it right now just waiting for it to dry painted with hi-temp flat black came like a unfinished steel will update in a couples min with pics


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          Re: 97 SC2

          new mount is in and i started cleaning up the engine bay just my first round with some purple power

          New Mount:



          Just a little cleaning for now i will most likly pay to have it pro-done in a shop


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            Re: 97 SC2

            have you welded the diff in it yet? if not when you go to do that take the trans out and clean it all then. save yourself a little cash. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img]
            2013 Mazda 3 / 2013 Ninja 300


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              Re: 97 SC2

              not yet i didnt want to drop it just yet have some other things that r taking priority such as the interior have to pick up a new sunroof this one has a crack in it and the heavy rain revealed a nice leak car now has no headliner and i just got done cleaning the int. head to toe with a rug doctor so soon as i get the cash for the sunroof and put that in them im going back to the engine bay for now it will stay dirty lol


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                Re: 97 SC2

                oh and the valve cover gasket didnt fit right was for the correct year and everything but it was too big wich is why it leaking so bad fixing that this wekend


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                  Re: 97 SC2

                  well new clutch is in car drives nice and smooth except for the choking on oil valve cover gasket and plugs/wires this weekend and fixing that vc bolt prob otherwise shes alive now if i could only find some parts for cheap sum body panels,sunrrof-oh does anyone know if sl sunrrof is compatible with sc?
                  Needs a headliner and then its fixed up woot


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                    Re: 97 SC2

                    funny update drove her finally today 4 the first time and got pulled over twice lol no inspection lol once by a local and other state trooper couldnt legally do anything tho i have 10 days to get inspected so they fined me for not having my d/l on me damn h8rs


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                      Re: 97 SC2

                      Headed to the JY next weekend to pickup the following:
                      Left front Fender
                      left rear quarter panel
                      rear bumper cover
                      sunroof rail (mine is bent)
                      Sunroof motor(car garaged and not drivin in rain since sunroof wont close)
                      New headliner (my dash and console are black and eventually im doing a tan to black swap so looking for a black on)
                      Sun Visors
                      maybe front bumper cover
                      and since i dont have enough posts on here to access the buying side of things if i c some aftermarket shit ill pick it up
                      Looking for green body panels only since i dont have enough to paint right now
                      i will update with pics if i can get the stuff from JY


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                        Re: 97 SC2

                        well today im payin for not replacing that valve problem it sounds like i spund a rod bearing limp mode all the way home need another engine


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                          Re: 97 SC2

                          confirmed:Spun rod bearing,

                          no other visual damage going to take block/head to machine shop have them check for warpage as well as replace the rod bearings.

                          heres some pics of block/head/oil pan/and how my garage currently looks


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                            Re: 97 SC2

                            well i took the head/block/flywheel down to the local machine shop he said about $475

                            im thinking thats not bad for the following:

                            fixing the valve cover bolt problem
                            installing new crankshaft & bearings
                            installing the forged pistons
                            resurfacing the flywheel
                            resurfacing the head/block
                            Cleaning both

                            so when he's done or rather im done paying him it will be rebuild time..... [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]

                            $200 worth in gaskets and mounts


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