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Clone engine build (fail bound)

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  • Clone engine build (fail bound)

    Killed the engine (after trying for a while) this winter. Time for something fresh. SO here's the details so far and some soon to happen stuff.
    2002 block
    93 head shaved .030 with flat faced valves , soon to be ported with new valve seals
    96 crank mic'ed and polished
    3rd gen rods and pistons , all have been mic'ed and are good (now)
    hastings rings
    all new seals , gaskets and head bolts
    aluminum cam cover (since plastic ones always leak!)
    repaired tie plate (connecting rod from donor engine broke it , learned to weld cast aluminum)
    hammered out 1st gen oil pan (because I sold all of my other ones)
    1st gen header , soon to opened up at each end
    no cat , 2.25 flex pipe and custom down pipe going into 2.5 from flange back
    geo storm GSI TB
    still need to port match the intake to the TB
    make a cable bracket (or several)
    install the welded diff I got from waterboy and add the MP2 5th gear
    And here's were the fail began. 1st build for me. Got rod # 1 in and forgot to set the ring gaps apart from each other. Screwed up the threads in the rod. Oh well , stupid ass me for not paying attention. #2 and #3 went fine. Then #4 really fucked up. One of the oil control rings somehow slipped out of the ring compressor and got jammed in between the cylinder wall and the piston. I got pissed and slammed the piston into the floor repeatedly beating to death since I needed another set of rings anyways. Had to take my other 3 3rd gen rods and pistons to be checked out. They had to be scuffed out a little. Jeff said they would have been a little tight on the bearings. Better to pay and have it right then waste more money.
    SO thats where I am right now. Got to de-crud the pistons , put the rings in and try not to fail again. Then I can finish the bottom end.
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    Re: Clone engine build (fail bound)

    Is that so .,Maybe this things that you said may really help.,I am so glad I see this might be the solutions to my problem.,I really hope so.,I want to solve it as soon as possible.,

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      Re: Clone engine build (fail bound)

      i had a situation like that once and i immediately pulled the piston out and reused a good ring

      i also have gotten mystery ring packages missing one of the really thin oil rings

      you probably felt really good after slapping that piston
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