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    Not quite the original idea of the project build section, but figured some people might enjoy watching my garage come together.

    + garage sink *DONE*
    + add 3 outlets to west wall, and one exterior outlet *DONE*
    + add 4 outlets to east wall (will have 6 total, one with dedicated circuit for large air compressor, other 5 on their own circuit) May add exterior outlet or two?
    + insulate south, east, and remainder of north walls
    + split west and north wall outlets into seperate circuits
    + add outlets to north wall
    + wall-mounted cord reel above sink
    + drywall
    + paint
    + large air compressor
    + air compressor cabinet
    + paint raised portions of foundation with concrete paint
    + floor coating
    + lots of shelving and cabinets
    + tire rack
    + run air lines?
    + expand garage

    (though all the crap is mine)

    East wall:

    North wall:

    West wall:

    South wall: Owner
    '99 SC2 Project Car build thread

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    Yay for reaching a milestone!

    The west wall is wired and insulated!

    Was: 1 indoor outlet, 2 outdoor outlets (1 at north end of wall, 1 in eave - switched)
    Now: 4 indoor outlets, 3 outdoor outlets (1 at south end of wall, 1 at north end of wall, 1 in eave - switched)

    Approx Cost: $90
    $50 - 5 rolls of R13 insulation @ $10 ea
    $24 - outdoor outlet - $10 weatherproof box, $13 GFCI outlet, $1 outlet box
    $3 - 4 standard outlets .49 ea, 3 outlet cover plates .20 ea, 1 outlet/switch plate about 40 cents
    $8* - 30ft 12-2 wiring (*$60 for a 250ft roll - more will be used later)
    $5 - staples for staple gun

    time spent... 6 hours? Maybe less, but I was learning some of this as I went. Owner
    '99 SC2 Project Car build thread


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