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slowion2's Project: Sinister Sky

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  • slowion2's Project: Sinister Sky

    I figure I'll start a thread here on the progress of the Sky since I am definitely going to be working on it. To start:
    • 2007 Sky
      2.4L VVT Engine
      Manual Transmission
      LSD package
      Black with black roof and black interior

    Now right off the bat, I have the cat-back off a Sky Redline already sitting ready to go on once a new rear o2 comes in, along with the dual outlet valance for it. As a matter of fact, I was mocking up shit and removing the stock equipment here (and then found out the o2 was not going to come out nicely and that one of the stock studs was actually bent and sheared off lol, my luck right?)

    The plan is to put around in the stock redline setup until I can get the muffler I have picked out ordered and installed with new hangers thanks to my local shop who helped with my own downpipe.

    I also have a few parts coming in for this for christmas as a gift to the owner thanks to NeverEnough on here. As those parts go on I will have pictures and reviews and such as well.

    I can't do everything I would like to since this is mainly her daily for now, and because techs are very very touchy with warranty work on these cars out here (shit they keep NOTHING on hand for them ever). There was an issue with the diff leaking and acting funky but it seems to have been resolved the last time she brought it in.

    Later on down the road the more major things will come though. For now I want to see how it reacts to improving a few things here and there, the biggest being the long tube race header I am looking at in time which should help open flow up a lot for it. Still can't believe the stock catback is 2 1/2" stainless with very few bends in it.

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    So real quick, Kim got from me a DC Sport carbon steel frame brace, and an AEM cold-air intake powdercoated silver. I think actually they're going on the car today so I'll take a few pictures when I get some time. We need a strut bar like this for our cars, it's beefy as hell and can support my weight.

    a few pictars

    here's the frame brace:

    here is the stock engine bay from another Sky:

    and here's all that shit in there lol. the brace really tied the front in together well, it feels way more solid, and dear god it sounds 100 times meaner at full tilt without all the baffles in there. throttle response is instant now too instead of .5 second delay

    still waiting on a rear o2 and then the catback will go on and the muffler will be swapped out. planning to possibly tune around then if not getting a header (long tube or shorty with pre-cat delete) and then cleaning the tune up a bit.


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      Re: slowion2's Project: Sinister Sky

      Took some time now that the rear o2 finally came in (so we have a spare) and installed the rear fairing with dual outlets along with the cat-back from a Redline trim Sky. The muffler was a different part number, and sure enough, it sounds way different than on the Redline, and very nice on the 2.4 as a matter of fact. She has a nice tone and growl now that wasn't there before.

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