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'01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

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  • '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

    I received a call from Nate a few weeks ago in reference to this '01 SC-1 that was owned by a Salesman here at the Va. Beach dealership. The guy had been involved in a slight accident and his wife wanted it gone. The junkyard offered $250, so I counter offered for $275. Here it was when it was purchased.

    After a little work on the frame, door replaced, lowered and such, here's some updated photos from Friday/Saturday.

    Next steps: Currently looking for a fender, mirror has been ordered, windshield and side skirt will be pulled from a parts car and then painted.
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    Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

    nice rims choice and a steal at 275


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      Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

      what are those rims?
      - Nate

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        Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

        Damn, there was a third gen BLACK coupe in a local yard that had the drivers side fender and door in mint shape, but I was there saturday and it's crushed now.

        Damn good deal man, and it looks sharp like that, I love it with the lip wing removed, such a clean look overall.
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          Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

          How is it lowered?
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            Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

            looks nice.


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              Re: '01 SC1 from Project Junk to Decent.

              Originally posted by The Shaolin
              How is it lowered?
              that's what i was gunna ask. my guess goes to ebay coilovers.
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