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  • ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

    Alright here goes. Hopefully I can remember everything. The car is a 97sc2, silver. It was my first car. I got it just before I turned 17. I paid 2k for it (my dad was a car salesman) with 82k miles. It went through some stupid fuckin rice-tastic days but those are long gone lol. I was a dumb HS kid and thought dual exhaust would be cool on a 4 banger. It had an aem cai, obx header, bored TB, kyb's with b&g springs, among several other bolt-ons. At 148k in May 2007, I parked it because the radiator took a shit for the 3rd time and I didn't want to replace it.

    For about 2 years before that, I had been slowly gathering parts as many silly ass saturn owners do. I spent COUNTLESS hours on the forums and reading everything I could about engines, turbos, and nearly everything car related. If I found a technical article, I read it. Ranging from anything like exhaust diameters to anything performance related.

    In may, a buddy and myself tore the engine out of the turd. It took us a while but I learned a shitload. A few weeks later, I put together my first engine (which actually ran lol). I spent about 2 months planning everything before I dropped the new motor in. Where to mount the radiator, where to run pipes, where to put 7-8 gauges... pretty much where to put fucking everything that is not meant to be in a saturn, in a saturn. I like a good challenge lol. That's why I didn't heed my bosses advice and get an old fox body, lame imo. I wanted something unique, something that earns that WTF look when you pull cars on a v-8.

    Enough tired typing (it's like 3am). Here's the most complete list I can think of as far as parts and work done.

    Ian's chopsticks
    SDA stage 2 FI head- hi-flow valves, new lifters, high temp valve seals
    EGR holes drilled, tapped and plugged
    stock headgasket
    ARP headstuds
    original 97 block with 2000+ tie plate and 93-98 style crank (me like revs)
    wiseco pistons, stock bore
    scat rods
    federal mogul bearings
    OEM timing components and seals
    stock accessory pullies
    entire rotating assembly balanced

    Fidanza flywheel
    ACT 6-puk
    MP3 tranny, year and mileage unknown lol
    I replaced tranny seals
    stock axles for now
    quaiffe limited slip
    royal purple synchromax fluid
    shift cables with 150k on them. haha...

    Turbo stuff (aka the good shit)
    Turbonetics t3/to4e, 50trim, .63 a/r stage3 turbine
    Fusion ss (?) turbo manifold
    Tial 44mm wastegate with 11lb spring and v-band flanges
    HKS knock off blow off valve
    29x10x2.5" intercooler
    2.5" ic piping hot and cold
    bored throttle body
    Ian's custom intake manifold
    84lb (880cc) injectors
    walbro 255lph fuel pump
    stock fuel lines and filter
    civic aluminum radiator
    10-an ss oil drain and fittings
    4-an turbo oil feed
    ngk plugs (duh)
    silicone couplers
    t-bolt clamps

    shit-ass kyb's
    b&g springs, like 1.7 drop
    energy suspension bushings
    rpm 6750 17.5mm sway bar, yet to be installed
    front and rear strut bars

    Electronics and guages
    Apexi avc-r boost controller
    Autometer C2 series gauges
    -Oil pressure, coolant temp, pyrometer, 30mmhg/30psi boost, 3.375" speedometer
    Eequis 3.375" tachometer
    AEM wideband
    Electromotive tecgt standalone
    stock radio and speakers
    custom made gauge cluster

    Exterior mods:
    clear corners
    25% tint
    small AEM decal
    that is all

    In the process of returning to completely stock(other than gauge cluster)

    Other stuff:
    2.5" side exit exhaust
    2.5" straight through magnaflow muffler- 5" round by 24" long
    Optima blue top located in the trunk
    water wetter (which is awesome btw)
    mobil1 synthetic oil
    12" fan on front of radiator
    cracked windshield for that extra bling when the sun hits the crack
    accel DIY plug wires
    no p/s and a/c

    I know I'm forgetting some shit but oh well. you guys get the point.

    Total time spent getting the car from stock to it's current state: 6 months
    Total dinero invested: approx. 16k not counting stupid gaskets and stuff

    At 20psi, the turd put down 372.2 hp and 304tq. That's exactly 3 times the stock horsepower output lol. It's still a fairly rough street tune as I haven't had any officail dyno tuning time. I run a mixture of avgas and 92 octane to achieve about 96 octane. I strongly feel that 1-2 more psi and a couple of hours on the dyno will produce hp numbers in the 400's and hopefully closer to 350 on the torque.

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      Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

      damnit i've been wanting that manifold for years. to bad i'm probably selling my turd now. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]


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        Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

        sweet ass set-up
        T.P.R.............................Texas Performance Ridez<br />94' Sl2---header-2.5 exhaust no cat-intake-MSD coils----GONE(IT'S BACK)<br />99' Cadillac--stock<br />89' Ford Ranger----stock


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          Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

          [quote="JRSTANGE"]damnit i've been wanting that manifold for years. to bad i'm probably selling my turd now.


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            Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

            aww he can't look at the ever so popular ses light
            [img width=250 height=105][/img] [img width=199 height=135][/img]<br /><br />-&#39;01 Saturn SL2/ PARTOUT<br />-&#39;00 Saturn SW2 DD/audio comp car/ 150.3 DB on Termlab


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              Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

              he can't really do anything with it since he parted out a while ago.
              98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
              94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
              94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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                Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

                I get to look at the SES light now [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img] Tis my engine now
                2016 Honda Fit
                2002 Saturn SC2 - RHD
                2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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                  Re: ricesucks!!! turbo puke mobile

                  yup and i'm not selling/trading. lol.


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