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160 MPH "Hammerhead"

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  • 160 MPH "Hammerhead"

    Vehicle: 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9r/ Saturn Hybrid
    Goal: Build a car from the ground up, have fun and learn alot
    Start Date: December 4, 2007
    End Date: Hoping for Dragon '08!

    I have wanted a kit car for sometime now. And one night, a friend and I were cruising around in the SL2 on a curvy road talking about how we should bring the bikes out there. Light bulb went on, I thought "why not add a wheel to a motorcycle?" So here we are; with project "Hammerhead," if you look at the car, top down, it looks a bit like a hammerhead shark, hence the name.

    2 wheels up front, one in rear
    One person capacity
    500 lbs or less dry weight

    1" square tubing. Triangulated everywhere. Power coated red.

    60" track width (important, I will tell you why in a sec)
    80-85" wheelbase
    5 gal fuel capacity
    Seats one only
    500 lbs or less
    35" high (top of roll bar)


    Equal length control arms, true A arms. Non-parallel. 7/16" spherical bearings used through out. Saturn hubs/ brakes/ spindles for simplicity and cost. Sawtooths used for weight and cost.
    12 way adjustable coil-overs- ... AL-DR3855B

    Rear: Stock Kawa everything, except I may increase the spring rate to handle the additional load

    2:1 rack and pinion 14"- ... pinion.htm
    10" wheel- ... =GRT-613-4
    possible quick release hub

    EBC Green Stuff pads up front
    Stock Kawa rears pads. They are already EBC, and stick as shit.
    Wilwood MC- ... toview=sku
    Only the fronts will be run off the MC. The rear will be lever actuated, exactly like a hand brake. This ought to work just fine, because each front rotor only has to stop 300lbs max.
    If needed, I will route a line back there, with a proportioning valve and call it a day.

    Front: Azenis, or a harder R comp
    Rear: Widest, stickiest tire I can fit on it

    Stock for now(127bhp), but apparently these can make 150hp+ N/A with a big bore kit, and breathing mods. Nitrous may be in the future if needed.

    Oversteer. I hope to avoid this like the plague. To help me, I will run harder tires in the front, softer springs all around as well as a super soft tire out back. Eventually we will work up to harder springs and softer tires.
    Build time: idea is simple, and straight forward. i have a lot of the parts laying around. Money may be an issue. I have 8 months. 3 of which I can work 2 jobs for....


    wide enough?

    127hp. With the 6 speed sequential box AND the engine, it weighs LESS than our motor does alone. lol

    Rough dimension mock up

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    I did some very scientific, and careful testing on the scale test mule. Wind tunnel results came back. They said they couldnt get a reading because the body I had designed while I was pooping was too efficient. So in other words, this thing will be fast as fuck!

    Haha, all humor aside, my step bro is a Lego freak (just like I used to be). We decided to build an example; to give the idea some substance. We found some instructions to an F1 car, and had fun. It was neat. So here is an idea of what I am going for. Figured I'd post it up for shits and giggles. Legos are fun! lol


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