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  • slammedsl1
    I blew a brand new rear main seal which we just got around to replacing this weekend. Along with Viperoni killing his tranny, we didn't get to do anything to my car.

    We did however tuck the radio antenna under the front fender for that super sexy clean look.

    Pics are somewhere I think...

    But anyways, I'm going with a side exit now for awesome cool looks and performance. Take that!

    I'll be picking up the racing seats when I go home this weekend, along with my rear disk. Seems like we may get to install it all in a coule weeks.

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  • slammedsl1
    started a topic SlammedSL1 - Workin' It

    SlammedSL1 - Workin' It

    Alright, I've done enough stuff to my car over the past couple years but right now, some major stuff is going down so I figured I'd try to keep track of most of it. Here's what I got right now :

    DOHC Swap
    Sprint 2'' spring
    Hi-flow Cat
    True Short Shifter
    1994 Sawtooths
    Tinted Tails
    Blacked Out Headlights

    Here's some pics of my car, this is pretty much what my car looks like now

    Now, this weekend, I'm hoping to install :

    2.5 Stainless cat back
    29'' Cherrybomb
    Rear Disk
    16.5 Rear Swaybar
    SMS Race Seats (next weekend actually)

    Pics tomorrow!

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