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Starr's new L-200

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  • Starr's new L-200

    Picked up from work, I paid $1500 for this car, its an 03 l-200, needed an upper tie bar, rad/aiir/fan combo, two headlights, head light mounting panels, and a dip stick tube.
    the fenders were cracked, plastic welded them back together, and bought a new hood,
    appears that the car ran into the back of a pickup truck bumper, as the damage was right above the bumper and didnt hurt it at all.

    now, all I need to do is alil fill-n-sand around the plastic welds, some wet sanding, painting, and some more wet sanding.
    <br /><br /> 95 sl2 dd<br /><br /> 95 sw2 -&gt; turbo/n20 project (normal bolt ons, forged rods, fidanza, dsm manifold, airesearch turbo, Zex wet dp, msd dis2, and MS<br /><br /> 03 l-200 -&gt; the wifes car (I'm not allowed to even have a key)<br /><br />[quote author="plastic torpedo"] Damn, that nitrous &quot;octopus&quot; looks intimidating!<br />A shot of anti-lag FTMFW!!!![/quote]

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    Re: Starr's new L-200

    not bad cant even tell it was wrecked in the pic. and by the way you made a copy of the key for this right lol