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Project: Sleeper

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  • Project: Sleeper

    Here is the much anticipated Sleeper build

    Q&A LINK:

    The Plans:

    -T3/T4 Turbo, internal gate @ 7-ish PSI
    -Cast Manifold
    -Bar and Plate IC
    -034 EFI Injector Controller
    -28# Injectors
    -Boost Gauge and UEGO
    -2.25" IC Piping
    -3" Down Pipe and Exhaust
    -TurboXS Bypass Valve
    -Stock Rims, Better Tires
    -Drop Springs
    -Black Interior Swap

    Whats done:

    -Swapped 92 Head
    -Twin Intake Cam Mod
    -TAM Added
    -92+ Motor Mount Conversion
    -Black Carpet
    -Black Interior Swap

    For those who dont know, this is what we are working with here:

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    Progress from yesterday. It rained all day so I didnt get as much done as I wanted to, but hope fully I'll get it back together today. Its still raining so dont hold me to it.


    TAM Conversion:


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      I got the motor in today, I just need to put the radiator and header back on and install the top tranny mount and then put the axles and wheels back on. Should be good to go tomorrow (hopefully).

      I went ahead and swapped to a 92 head while I had it apart.
      Here are some pics from last night:

      The new MP3 (Thanks Arthur :lol:


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        Well I got it all done and running a few days ago. I dont have a lot of driving time, just a few times around the neighborhood actually, but it feels pretty solid. It took the PCM a minute to work out the new twin intake cam thing, but it idles A-1 now.

        Some things I noticed:

        -I need struts BAD lol

        -Twin intake cam mod feels pretty strong. Its been a while since Ive driven a N/A Saturn, but it feels stronger than I remember. I may dyno it before I throw on the turbo stuff just to see what I gained.


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          I got a little done today and took some pics.

          Oh, and btw 2 gen carpets fit first gens almost works fine in a pinch. Still gotta clean the carpet and seats though.

          I welded in the mount bracket, it seemed like the simplest way to do it and I have never had to remove one...

          Got rid of the nasty blue carpet and seats....


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            Re: Project: Sleeper

            Time to resurect this comming soon.


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              Re: Project: Sleeper


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                Re: Project: Sleeper


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                  Re: Project: Sleeper

                  Vid of it starting...

         ... urbo91.flv


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