Here are a few pics of the ride, i also have a vid of me beating an I/H/E 3.5 vq35de v6 swapped spec-v, before i was HPTuned, i was running the intense tune in this vid......alot more is being done in the winter ported 4.2 chevy colorado TB/p&p blower/ported exhaust manifold...Also my spec stage 5 clutch is going in along with my diamond pistons, arp headstuds, 272 cams, fidanza flywheel, 2.5 pulley and meth injection. Video of my car racing.......note my car trapped 105 on this setup, spec-v trapped 104 after the swap.

Hope you guys like it.........found out about the site from the STL saturn meet this past saturday, im glad to be on here now.