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    1999 Saturn Sc2 "Jamie v.2"
    Goal: 350whp by NOPI of 2008

    Start Date: Sept. 17th 2007

    Planned End Date: Sept. 14th 2008

    Ancient History
    Long story short a few members of a couple Saturn boards assisted in the first Sc2 project; her name was Jamie and the goal was 400whp daily with the best parts. For the most part all of that happened minus the power output because of a small turbo and my lack of patience and ignorance coupled with an over-zealous nature in thinking I could tune the tec system. The head gasket blew, turbo died, and we tore her down and reassembled her ready for the 400whp task when I screwed up the exhaust cam placement by 90 degrees without knowing it due to a previous endeavour by an individual in Florida. Frustrated as to why I could not get her to start since there was fuel, spark, and compression, I gave in to the desired of being rid of all my troubles.

    Along this journey I have not only gained valuable experience, I've also met some of the most amazing individuals I've ever had the pleasure of greeting with something as simple as a handshake. Now most of us call each other friend, whether having met by talking on XtremeSaturn and meeting at the garage on 431, the misfortune of theft, cross-country business, my selling out, traveling to pickup engines, assisting in assembly, or merely chatting via the other great forums in Saturn history, we all share a common love of power, speed, or simply the joy provided by creating something with your own hands and watching it perform; feeling it move through the air, or watching the power output. In addition to the knowledge, experience, business contacts and friendship I've also managed to find something that I did not expect, a sense of family and for that I will be forever thankful for whatever the road I travel may provide or take from me.

    Current History
    I came into possesion of this car by the transfere of titles to a friend in need and he from a person of a sketchy background and poor craftsmanship. Some say it was a poor decision on my part, but in my opinion a friend in need should not be looked upon lightly and I can only hope the same view is shed on me should I fall into a position of need. Even my own mother said that I've always been too kind-hearted and that I need to stop helping when the result puts me on the shorter end. I strongly disagree and firmly believe that if this world is to continue to be one of decency and hopefully change for the better, there should be more people with The Golden Rule as thier base for judgement and decision making. So now it is time to show what I/we can do as a tuner(s) and see this goal to fruition.

    What we are working with: 1999 Sc2 @ 10psi with a T04e.50/t3.48
    CSW Tuning or Facebook!
    - Stork

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    NOPI 2007

    Current setup when the car was placed on the dyno @ 10psi @ NOPI 2007:

    84K miles (about 6k on the motor, 1k on clutch)

    '98 head with mild porting

    2" hot side piping

    2.5" cold side piping

    Ported Intake Manifold

    Spearco FMIC

    SMS Big Bore TB

    T04e turbo: .50A/R compressor, .48A/R turbine

    TiAl 38mm wastegate

    Equal length turbo manifold (4g63 conversion)

    2.5" downpipe

    3" catco cat (BRAND NEW)

    3" glasspack muffler

    3" Mangaflow 3 chamber muffler with turndown tip

    Forged Wesico 8:1 compression pistons

    Forged Wesico connecting rods

    TurboXS Type H RFL blow off valve

    SDS extra injector controller

    PLX 300 wideband

    Autometer Boost and Pyro Gauge (cyl. 4)

    SMS aluminum flywheel

    ACT 6 puck clutch (BRAND NEW)

    Walbro 255lph fuel pump

    Yokohama ES100s on black Konig Heliums

    Ebay chrome catch can
    CSW Tuning or Facebook!
    - Stork


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      Established confirmed access to a 1800lb mill. Sadly it is a manuel mill, but good enough for the cutting I will need for the most part. Anything I can not do on it will be sent out to a cnc shop.

      Found two local dynos that will allow access for dyno tuning when the time comes. For now the tuning will remain as it with the eic as it is ample enough to provide fuel for 15lbs with 11afr when first dipping into boost, 11-12afr in partial throttle boost, and solid 12's at max boost wot.

      Need to purchase a decent quality tig, chop saw, and angle grinder to complete the garage. Everything else is pretty much covered other than an engine stand and engine lift.
      CSW Tuning or Facebook!
      - Stork


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        Plan of action for Jamie v.2

        Single Turbocharger Assisted 1.9LLO setup capable of 350whp reliably daily driven on pump gas (93)

        Garrett T3(.48a/r)/60-1

        TiAL 38mm Currently installed unit

        Blow-off Valve
        TiAL (50mm)

        Oil Cooler
        Generic (Installed)

        Currently Installed Unit

        Everything that needs to use a clamp should try to be a Wiggins
        style clamp. All exhaust joints are to be V-Band connections.
        The number of these clamps/joints are to be kept at a minimum, but where needed these are the types to be used.
        The size of these are to be determined by the builders.
        Should there be a wiggins to the block, weld to the block, if permittable.

        Everything is to be polished aluminium/stainless steel in
        appearence for the piping and steel sleeved for tubing.
        All intake piping is to be mandrel bent with wiggins clamps
        connecting the turbocharger, intercooler, and throttle body
        if at all possible.

        All exhaust piping is to be mandrel bent with a vband attaching
        the downpipe to the turbocharger, resonator to the piping, and
        the muffler to the piping.

        - Head
        Monstah built head to accomidate 400whp. Massive porting
        and polishing, great internals as well as cams.

        Valves - Hi-flow valves from sda

        Valve stem seals - Hi-Temp seals

        Springs - OEM

        Lifters - SDA provided

        Cams - qksltwo basic turbo grind cams

        Headgasket - Copper

        Intake Manifold - Custom design based around a GM throttle body

        Throttle Body - Large GM based unit

        - Cooling System
        Hard line aluminum piping used in the routing of the cooling system with joints were needed to allow for engine flex.
        If not hard lined with aluminum, glass tubing with rubber ends to allow for engine flex.

        Raidiator - BeCool 1.5" Solid aluminum unit

        Fan(s) - Twin slim fans (currently installed)

        Water Pump - Metal pump from early llo's

        Thermostat - Thermostat mod

        Fuel System
        Stainless steel fuel lines with a polished aluminum fuel rail.

        Injectors - Minimum to effeciently fuel a 400whp powerplant

        Lines - All visible lines are steel woven

        Fuel Filter - New high flow or OEM

        Fuel Pump - Walbro 255 (currently installed)

        Turbo Manifold
        Equal-length, stainless steel, 1.5" 16-14awg manifold
        that positions the turbocharger inlet facing the front
        of the car with the downpipestaying as close to the manifold
        as possible to increase heat exchange while providing the
        downpipe with an easy exit from the engine bay while staying
        clear of any components partaining to cooling and/or the
        the intake charge.

        A single, possibly dual wastegate design with dumps that maintain close
        contact with the manifold for optimum heat exchange and is routed back into the downpipe.

        Ports for 4 screw type egt probes will be taped at all equal distance from
        the head for additional tuning information in sequntial tuning.

        5-speed mp3 equipped with a Quaife differential

        SSBC Big Brake upgrade kit for front and rear brakes with stainless steel brake lines.

        KYB suspension with H&R springs with front and rear strut tower braces

        Struts - KYB GR2

        Springs - H&R Sport 1.5" drop springs

        FSTB - Custom built steel brace

        RSTB - Custom built steel brace

        Currently installed rims.

        Tuning: TEC3, AVCr, PLX 300

        *note: I do not assemble anything partaining to timing...j/k
        CSW Tuning or Facebook!
        - Stork


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          The car has burned to the ground minus wheels and trunk.

          CSW Tuning or Facebook!
          - Stork


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            Ancient Mummy Bump.
            CSW Tuning or Facebook!
            - Stork


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              Haha, good return post.


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                holy shi.....

                Who left the door open?
                1995 Saturn SW2: Crushed
                1995 Saturn SW2: Lower Than You


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                  What the...

                  Ohai stork!

                  Ethanol and Boost: My Anti-Drugs.

                  2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT - HNNNNGG.
                  1999 Ford Dangah Rangah XLT - Junk haulin' junker-slut.
                  1998 Saturn SC2 - Garbage. Pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, garbage.
                  Gone: 2004 POSRT4 - 372/425 @ 20psi, "Super safe tune" --- 4xx/4xx @ 26psi, "BAMF Tune"
                  Next: 1990 Supra "LOLNOJZ" - LSx, 4L80E, Megasquirt, whole lot of Ethanol, whole lot of snail...


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                    Whats up, time for a come back.
                    CSW Tuning or Facebook!
                    - Stork


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                      Hey buddy!
                      -2002 Saturn SC2 - Clean, slow, low daily
                      -2008 Saab 9-7x Aero
                      -1996 Suzuki Bandit 750 swapped
                      -1998 VW Golf GTI VR6 Mid Engine LeMons car
                      -1986 RX7 - 275whp @ 10psi


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                        glad to have you back bro.

                        working on anything?
                        LSJ powered 1998 Chevy S-10 turbo
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                          A lady never tells.
                          CSW Tuning or Facebook!
                          - Stork


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                            That terrifies me.
                            1995 Saturn SW2: Crushed
                            1995 Saturn SW2: Lower Than You


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                              Originally posted by PlastikAvenger View Post
                              That terrifies me.
                              What, that my avatar and that line coincide with the thoughts of a Saturn project? I can agree with that.
                              CSW Tuning or Facebook!
                              - Stork


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