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1999 Saturn SL2 "Project Faster Than RSX"

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  • 1999 Saturn SL2 "Project Faster Than RSX"

    THIS THREAD IS FINISHED (read last post).
    Instead I'm making one about just the WHOLE build of the car.

    1999 Saturn SL2 "Project Faster Than RSX"
    Goal: Doing a good N/A build that is faster than my friends RSX Type S

    Start Date: Sept. 4, 2007

    Planned End Date: End of Sept. or Oct. 2007

    *Have a Q&A thread up if anyone has any suggestions, advice, or commits.

    Planned Approach:
    -New TB from SDA or VMS

    -Mill .040
    -Valve Job
    -Port and Polish

    -Bore .040
    -New Pistons from SDA
    -Balance Crankshaft

    -AEM UEGO Wideband

    *List of Mods To Date*
    -CP 2.5” Cold Air Intake
    -SDA Throttle Body
    -Intake Manifold - Port and Polished (Gasket Matched)
    -Head – Milled .040 Over (Up compression to 10.3:1)
    -Head – Port and Polished (Gasket Matched)
    -Head – Hi-Temp Valve Seals
    -Block – Bored .040 Over
    -Hyperutectic Pistons
    -Hastings Chrome Moly Ring Set
    -Clevite 77 Main and Rod Bearing set
    -EGR Block Off Plate
    -PCV Catch Can

    -OBX Header
    -2.25” Mandrel Bent Exhaust
    -2.25” Magnadflow Hi-Flow Cat
    -31” 2.25” Thrush Glasspack Resonator
    -2.25” Magnaflow Street Series Muffler

    -Apex’i SAFC-II
    -AEM UEGO Wideband O2

    -Valeo Clutch Kit
    -TAM (Top Axis Mount) from SDA
    -Dog Bone Mounts from Baldy
    -Chop Top Shifter

    Suspension & Handling:
    -Tires - 205/55R15 Kuhmo ECSTA ASX
    -KYB GR-2 Struts
    -Spring Springs, 2” Drop
    -Bomz Front Strut Bar
    -Revotec Rear Bar /w Custom Brackets

    Exterior Visual:
    -BSA Racing Rims – 8 Spoke, Black w/ Chrome Lip 40 offset, 15x6.5, Model #243
    -Brilliant White Highs and Lows 6000k
    -Brilliant White Fog Lights 6000k
    -Clear Turn Signals
    -Custom Back Panel
    -Custom Tail Lights
    -Custom Side Markers
    -Black Emblems
    -Painted Drums, Rotors, and Calipers
    -15% Window Tint

    Interior Visual:
    -Matching Shift Knob
    -Custom Shift Boot
    -White Face Euro Gauges
    -Black Center Console and Black Trim

    Sound System & Electronics:
    -Whistler Radar Detector
    -8” Bazooka
    -150w RMS Power Acoustic Amp
    -Sony X-plode Radio
    -Sony X-plode 6.5” Speakers X4

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    Preparing the motor.

    Point of No Return.


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      Out of Car.

      Empty Compartment.


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        Fully disassembled. Now to take the block to the Shop for machine work.


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          Ok. So I got the block and flywheel in the machine shop for:
          -Bored 40 over
          -Crank Polished
          -Flywheel resurfaced

          So while thats happing in the shop I'll do the following in the Garage:

          -Port & polish intake opening (matched to my SDA TB).
          -Port & polish the intake ports (Matched to gasket).

          -Port & Polish intake ports (Slightly smaller than gasket).
          -Port & Polish Exhaust ports (Slightly smaller than gasket because my Obx header matches gasket perfectly).
          -Take to the machine shop for:
          -Valve Job
          -Mill 40 or 50 off

          I also need to clean and polish all necessary parts.
          On a side note, I would love to do something interesting with the valve cover so if anyone has any ideas please shoot them by me.


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            I Finally got my block back so now I'm just waiting on the Head to be finished. I've also got all of the misc. parts cleaned.

            While I'm waiting on that I'll Assembly the block and wire up the Safc-II and the AEM UEGO.



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              Pistons In.

              Finish Wed or Thurs (10th or 11th) Due to classes.



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                Well I finally have the whole thing together and running.
                I have also wired up my Apexi SAFC-II.....which is doing me no good, because I still haven't had time to go get the wideband O2 bung put in yet.

                It runs like a dream. So now I'm 250 miles into my break in period. I'll put on another 200 on monday and then I'll go see what the car can do.....



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                  Ok so got the SAFC-II all wired up and the Wideband set up.

                  Got it tuned pretty well, at wide open it stays between 12.8-13.4 so needs a little more fine tuning.

                  I also did a compression test today and ran 200, 200, 200, 205.

                  I'm fairly happy with my build, of course I havent gotten my exhaust welded up yet.

                  Can't wait to get rid of the stock exhaust and feel the final difference.


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                    Ok so forgot to put up one of the last two posts for this build, but oh well.

                    Everything is on and together. Sounds amazing and drives even better.
                    I actually get better mileage then I did before as well.

                    I plan to AutoX this year and hit a drag strip or two. Only problem is the only quarter mile track is a couple of hours away. So I might just have to settle with an 1/8th mile track.

                    To give a little Idea of the improvement, I spent about an hour out on a road I used to drag on in high school (I do not support drag racing on the roads) get my take off right and have a friend time the 0-60 time. Best time 6.85.


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                      Re: 1999 Saturn SL2 "Project Faster Than RSX"

                      I know that speed is my main issue in finishing this DD project.

                      But I couldn't pass the deal. I bought a Rear disc brake kit and some drilled and slotted front rotors from Jamin. Pics soon to come.


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                        Re: 1999 Saturn SL2 "Project Faster Than RSX"

                        Well finally got around to racing jimmy (RSX guy). Still has me by about a car, but I was happy to hang with him as well as I did. Cams..........Also, just going to start a new build thread around the build up of this car.


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