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Couple Pics from 3-5 years ago

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  • Couple Pics from 3-5 years ago

    I used to post here about my 2g SL. The diff pin fairy gave me a visit so I grabbed an ol DOHC Dirt track engine and trans and shoved in it after painting the bay. The car was on cut springs. I got it all together and driving and the next day found the 3g SC2 auto car with a blown engine for $150. So I drug it home and swapped everything over to it, including the cut springs. I sold the car a week or two after getting it drivable and moved from FL to TX. I missed it so much that I bugged the guy enough to sell it back to me, so I drove down, bought it, and drove it 8 hours to TX with the same bumper dump exhaust you see in the picture on the SL. By this point I had a job so I decided to do it right, order subie coilovers, did a full exhaust, and grabbed some slick wheels for it, rebuild the front end. I ripped the oil pan off on the way home from work a few months later and sold it to my buddy's little brother since he had just totaled his Auto SC2 that was on my old cut coils. Instant regret yet again. He blacked out all the lights and beat the car like it owed him money. I tried and tried to buy it back with no luck. It wound up killing a trans due to the diff pin, I took a trip to see my dirt track buddies in FL and got him another trans. He never did anything with it, and about 2 years later (this all started in 2017) he GAVE me the car back. Sadly due to life and now being an adult (Not living with my folks) I had bills to pay and no where to keep the car or work on it. I tried to load it on a trailer and move it to a buddies shop. Car high centered coming on the trailer with a winch (By myself no spotter) had no clue and literally folded the car over the trailer, ruined it. Car went to scrap two days later. My new GF at the time, now Fiance does not like Saturns, but I have found a '98 Red Hot I plan to get and do this all over again. Feels good to be so close to being back!

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