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  • Lifted Saturn Daily Build

    Figured I should have done this years ago and made a thread of the progress done to this daily turd. It all started when I was driving through some fair grounds and ended up stuck in the wet muddy grass. Sure I could have opted for a more capable platform, but I really love my Saturn wagon. Besides, at the time nobody wouldn't have thought of doing something as outrages as this. Nowadays this SOHC powered Saturn ends up being my wrenching hobby and continuous project build. I'll be posting updates on its progress of things I've done, until then enjoy these photos from last summers overland trip. After last winter I removed the rack because it was slowing me down on the highways. I fabricated a few external things since then and will get some photos done soon. I have a tendency to not document my projects. Hopefully this will help me do so.

    List of things done at the time of these photos:
    -2 inch lift strut spacers
    -195/75 on 14" rims with 2 inch backspacing
    - Stripped interior except center console/dash and seat-belt plastic covering
    -CB radio
    -Found a utility cage from a van at the J/Y for windows
    -Rocker panel with dedicated 30amp fuse box and 4 terminal battery
    -Rattle can paintjob, because why the hell not? It looks cool
    -OBX headers, full exhaust/half inch wider
    -Light bar
    -Yakima roof rack

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      Here are some photos following the recent post, I already had a skid plate fabricated from diamond plated scrap myself. During the fall, a buddy of mine pieced together and welded a tube bumper using various dirt track tubing from Summit Racing. I needed something to protect my radiator as the skid plate wasn't doing much of protecting that area.
      Fabricated a new skid plate soon after attaching this hideous tube bumper. The tubing itself wasn't that strong and got banged up after hitting a stump in the trail.
      Attached this one using another pair of roll cage mounts and grade 8 bolts. I bent this plate without any special equipment, just some vices, a hammer and two pieces of 2x4's.
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        Last year I was breaking CV axles left and right and after experiencing the famous differential pin slippage, it was time I had learned to weld. So I bought a welder beginning of this year and made some one-inch lift spacers to start. The car now sits a little lower but I haven't noticed at all.

        Behold my amateurish skills!


        More to come!


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          You just opened up pandora's box by buying a welder..... The spacers look good!


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            Sure did! Just after welding up those spacer, I got to making other things.

            After removing the roof rack, all my recovery gear was just loosely thrown around on trails. So I needed something both functional and cool to store my junk. Using some 32" heavy-duty sliders I welded up a roll out tool box. The sliders are rated for 200 pounds. I wasn't sure how I could mount this so I just welded some brackets straight to the uni-body itself, with various bolts around the house. It features a neat little tray to store flat tools, laying down rag does the job of keeping things tight when closed up. All painted up with truck bed liner.
            Also repurposed the old rear seat holes for cargo loops as well as installing a pair of cargo loops behind the front seats for added storage.
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              After the slide-out tool box, It was time to rebuild the front bumper. Like I said, I don't have any in process build picks of the whole process as I really get into things. The metal tubing replaces the original aluminum bumper and widened the holes for the new one. Grade 8 bolts hold it all up, much more rigid than the hideous tube bumper. The tubing is either 12 or 14 gauge, I think. Mounted the old 30" light bar to the front to act as the rubber padding that holds the facade in place. I had to resort to zip-ties to stop the plastic from flopping around in the wind. Perhaps I'll make some brackets later for it.

              The blinker lights are squished tight between its plastic retainer and the side of the metal bumper, still pondering what I could put there to absorb the vibration. Either cut a cavity into the tubing or place a spacer bracket between the metal and plastic.
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                Had a few 7.5 inch round off-road lights laying around and decided to fabricate a baja style cage for them. Since I don't own any sort of metal bending equipment a quick hop on craigslist and found a cheap used one. Although it was made for an FJ cruiser and way too wide/tall for the narrow roof of the Saturn, I went to hacking and welding. Fabricated a pair of A-frame mounts out of 14 gauge steel. Mounts are riveted directly into the a-frame itself. Ran the wires through a drilled hole just above the mounts with some weather sealant.
                Found a pair of go-kart tie-rods for the adjustable arms. Welding some homemade brackets onto the roof proved problematic as the rubber glue started burning up just above the support bar inside.
                Sometimes laziness gets the best of me, ended up just spraying the brackets down with the olive drab rattle-can. Gotta touch up some rust anyway, so that will be on the list as well. So enjoy the Saturn turd in all her glory as of today! Found a bumper facade at the local junkyard, I have not decided on the color yet. Might just leave it factory shiny.
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                  Do you have an LSD in that thing? Looks awesome!


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