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    Howdy everyone!

    I have attached the web address to the video of my 13+:1 compression ratio 2+L, with solid lifters and cams that Force would send back as too radical.

    I do need some help!!!!!!

    I have a brand new ACT 4 puck sprung clutch with brand new Fidanza aluminum flywheel. At first for about a minute the clutch was perfect, then it started to slip like it almost wasn't engaging. I have determined it can't be the slave cylinder due to it is not engaging, I torqued the flywheel to 60 lbs with red locktight on them, an pressure plate to 20 lbs with lock washers and new bolts provided from Fidanza and red locktight. I found read the instructions from Fidanza and it instructed to use the factory torques specs. So my only guess is that the torque specs are a little light and I should bump them up increasing preload on the disc. Please weigh in on what torque spec you all think will work or what you think it could be. I have already taken it all out due to it doing the same exact thing before and I changed the flywheel from a knock off or old Fidanza to a brand new one. After inspecting the clutch it was in perfect shape.

    Thank you all in adavance!

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    I have put a new fidenza flywheel with it. I show no oil on any of it I tighted up the torque to 45lbs per acts installer guide and it still slips like it is on ice. I am talking no weird noises or smells. I need help please on what you all think it is.

    I have double checked the following
    All surfaces were throughout prepped
    Torqued according to instructs with new 10.9 class bolts
    Brand new act sprung 4 puck with matching kit
    Brand New fidenza aluminum flywheel No leaks confirmed and very lit lube used on input splines no residue anywhere.

    I reused the clutch assembly from a 1993 Saturn but was in good working order and feels good

    I have done nothing more than start her up and it slips quickly after it gets going so I stop there
    No weird noises, any kind of smell, or smoke.

    Like I said before please members of this form help me spitball some ideas to figure out what's going on.
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      try scuffing up the friction surface with some 80 grit by hand maybe. i had weird stuff go on myself. i had 3G hydro/clutch problems. went to 2G clutch/hydro and never looked back. did a nice burn in with a 4/5th launch - 3rd beer in so take that with a grain of salt. turned it off let it cool off, off you went.


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