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    I also removed the floor cross member as well as trailing arm mount point. I had to cut along the end of the mount, but the rest was just drill and remove.

    Here is the old crossmember compared to the new donor piece.

    Installed the new cross member and trailing arm mount by filling in the spot welds and then backing the rail side with a piece of steel and filling in the rest of the small gap with normal weld. I did multiple passes to really build it up. It is not pretty but it will hold.

    I sanded down and painted both side rails as well as the open rocker area before installing the cross member. The seams all got coated with weld through primer for rust protection.

    I had to graft the top ¼ of the old pan to the bottom ¾ of the new pan. The new pan did not come with the top, but the old one was good enough to work with. I patched three small holes and then welded the two together. There is about 2-3” of overlapping steel, welded on each seam.

    Here’s the pan being installed. It has some dings and dents from working with it, and I had to hammer a few spots in to get it to line up nicely with the supports underneath. It is not the nicest looking floor pan but it is solid and has zero rust on it. Nobody will see it so I shouldn’t worry about looks at this point. I am glad to have a floor back in, I cannot wait until I actually have an interior again.

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      Holy cow! I think I missed some, but good looking work. And here I am worrying about just my engine cradle rust.


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        Posting some more pictures, haven't had the time to update since I completed the project.
        Here's the floor pan, primed and seam sealed inside and out. I tried one brand of sealer on the left, and one brand on the right. Hence the different colors.


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          I got the carpets and seats back in, finally looks like a car again. Next interior step is finishing the headliner and getting the trim back in.


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            Started making a 3" downpipe, used a chop saw and some hand files to make the pie cuts for the bends. Each pie cut is 15*. It clears the sub frame cross member as well as the sway bar. Couldn't be happier with how it fits so far. I also used the stock mount point for the 4-2-1 header setup, I like to use as many OEM mounting points and components as possible for a "bolt-on" solution.


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              Very nice. Is that stainless and what are you using to weld it?
              '99 SL2, 5SP bought new
              Rebuilt at 204,067 September 2017
              Engine, subframe, diff pin mod, brake lines, headliner, alternator, and so on!
              '98 SC2, 5SP bought 2018


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                Originally posted by Waiex191 View Post
                Very nice. Is that stainless and what are you using to weld it?
                It is aluminized 14 gauge straight tubing from rock auto. I did however buy a stainless cat converter, which I was able to weld with regular wire. I am using a hobart handler 140 gas mig welder. Best little welder out there, it works great!


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                  Got my downpipe almost done, just need to make the bend for the turbo outlet when I get the manifold back. I am not too thrilled about the reduction from 3" to 2.25", but it is what I need for my Thermal R&D Catback. I figure the gasses will have plenty of time to stabilize in the 3" downpipe before the catback. I also got my headliner fabric and foam removed, so it is ready for glue and new material.


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