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  • Rhdsc2

    After some time with the RHDSL1 ( ) I've decided to build a RHDSC2 instead. The RHDSL1 was actually 2 cars (SWP and SL1) welded front to back. I bought it that way cheap for temporary use and it appears to have been a very well done custom job, but in the end it's 2 cars welded together and that bothers me enough not to drive it.

    Recently I bought a 2002 SC2 with under 96k miles in extremely good condition optioned out the way I wanted and very minimal rust so the plan is to convert it to RHD.

    I intend to strip the necessary components from the SL1 such as the dash, subframe, steering rack, pedal assembly, and inner firewall and move them over to the SC2 instead.

    The SL1 was an automatic transmission and that's how the pedal assembly was setup. The SC2 is a manual transmission. I will be following this guide for the "swap"

    I also have a low mileage (~42k i think ) 2G DOHC engine that I will pair up with a 91/92 OEM header.

    I have VUE dash to swap and will also install an oil pressure gauge with a double DIN dash kit with a single din radio with a 52mm 2 or 3 gauge display in the other spot. Owner
    2016 Honda Fit
    2002 Saturn SL1 - RHD
    2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax

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    Two cars welded together?

    Originally posted by alexofnazareth
    Do the world a favor and get back to your cornholing.


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