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  • Amphi-Saturn

    So I'm working on making my 96 sc2 amphibious. I've wanted to build an amphibious vehicle for probably 7-8 years now. I originally wanted to use a bronco, but I figured a saturn would be slightly cheaper and easier lol. I started building about 3 weeks ago. Idk how long I've been planning, designing, and throwing around different propulsion and float methods. I'm working on it on my 30 minute lunch break at work, so it's not the fastest moving project. Anyways, let's get to the details.

    So far I've got the skeleton for my front bumper welded up and just about finished. I still have to skin it and fill it with foam. It's going to be able to tilt as well as being able to adjust the height to lift the front end out of the water.


    I've also got my paddle wheels lasered out but I still need to weld them up.

    This is my set up for my angle adjustment/bottom bracing.



    Heres just a pic of the main mount for the bumper. The upper mounts are going to hook into my tow bar mounts for easy removal.


    We will see how it goes. Float or sink, I'm sure itll be a good time and make for a good video.

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    Also heres some pics of the progression of this car. It started out looking halfway decent when I bought it. I paid $200 for it, originally intending for it to be a parts car. It didn't run, but when I got it home I decided to check a few things over before I started taking parts off. It wasnt getting spark. I checked the fuses and the one for the icm was blown. Swapped the fuse and have been driving it ever since. It's been my daily for about 2 years now and I love it. I hit a deer in it and have experimented with different rattle can options. I'll get to painting it eventually.

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      That's awesome Owner
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        Got a little more work done on the floaty bumper. Added some reinforcement and a couple of pieces of the skin.



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          Got the pin wholes drilled out and pins set. Next step is to test fit the bumper tomorrow! Got started on welding the paddle wheels also. No I'm not a welder and yes I know it lol.







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            Got the winch mounted up. Shouldn't be long now before I can test the floaty bumper on the parts car!




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              Got my winch cable respooled and hooked up. Next step is gonna be to test and see how she floats! Hopefully gonna do some testing this Saturday.



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                Havent really updated on here in a while. We did the test run back in november, and it went so so. The actual bumper float did a great job floating the car, but the slides that it was suppose to ride on didnt want to move very easily. The friction of the metal on metal was to much for the winch. Also it was a huge pain to get the bumper mounted and at the lower angle. I have since updated the frame that the bumper will slide on. It will have four bearings on the bumper mount and the bumper will have channel the the bearings slide on. My original design had the winch wound in both directions, so it could pull the bumper up and down. In my new design, the winch will only pull the bumper down, and I've got casters on the bottom for it to ride on so it wont need held up. Yesterday I painted the mount, and last week I finished painting the car. So ready for test number 2.

                Heres some pics and at the bottom I will include a link to the youtube of trial #1.

                Heres my lift that I still need to put on. Need more ground clearance!

                Heres the link for trial #1


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