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Arthur's 1995 SL2 build up

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  • Arthur's 1995 SL2 build up

    1995 Saturn SL2
    Goal: Make a better daily. shoot for 14's off the bottle

    Start Date: December 11, 2006

    Planned End Date: when i actually hit 14's daily at 6000 ft altitude

    mod list as of 8-23-07

    '98 SC2 wheels
    prothane motor mounts
    92 head (9.8 comp ratio)
    2000 short block
    Twin intake cams
    ported IM
    Tapered TB
    Ebay CAI
    Energy Suspension Bushings
    H&R sports
    KYB GR2's
    SPS front and rear STB
    Ebay front STB brackets
    Streetrix rear STB brackets
    Rear disc conversion
    92 cruise-less steering wheel
    gutted interior
    Kuhmo Ecsta AST tires (205 50 15)
    Summit coil packs
    brass ects's
    91/92 header
    2.5 exhaust with thrush turbo muffler, hi flow, cut out and 30" glass pack
    stock exit location
    Rear sc2 seats to please the gf and add 30 lbs
    zomgwtfbbqwaffle hood pins
    OEM replacement clutch
    Lightened stock flywheel
    EGR block off
    Gauges so i dont blow it up again
    Chopped shifter
    Ricerzone shift knob

    updated pics when i get some time, in the mean time, enjoy--

    right after purchase, $250 with blown motor

    stupid dumb ass backed into with his v10 dually the night i bought it. (previous owner did this with me right there. lmao)

    tearing into it

    tearing into it

    weight reduction one

    weight reduction two

    holy dirty, holy clean lmao

    assembly time

    almost done

    ready to go


    out with the old, in with the new

    sexy stance

    jumped time 6/16/07

    beginning of engine pull 2 to fix time, and put in 92 head

    engine stand. lol

    almost ready to go

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    So lots has been happening with the car-

    New mods list as of 10/11

    Auto pcm
    fuel pressure gauge, turned down to 30 psi
    finished the exhaust
    AEM UEGO waiting to go in
    MAP clamp built, waiting on UEGO
    Summit universal rad, waiting on modifications, and installation
    SOHC rear fascia
    replaced that gay ass rear bumper with a color matched unit (no hole!)
    rear STB installed
    3" intake, with new high quality filter
    -paid for silicone rad hoses (prolly for sale soon, as my rad will need different bends to accomplish what i am going for)


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      Got the UEGO in-

      and for reference, this is what my "information console" used to look like-

      So, after playing with it all day, i had to turn fuel pressure up to 50psi to keep from going stupid lean at idle. it would read "---" (above 18:1) at operating temp idle. so i upped deh pressures to save mah motors. got idle to be a consistent 13.7. WOT= like 10- 11.5. I needs an SAFC... but has no monies. Also learned that if you go below 20 psi... the car doesnt like it so much. idle jumps way up, and then dies. lol. just so you guys know. also that rheostat mod is cool, for like 10 mins until you learn you cant pull or add enough to have any real fun. again, i needs an SAFC.

      thats it for this update. happy tuning kids!
      ps. have a passenger turn the knob, or atleast watch for traffic. its not so safe looking at a gauge, and turning a knob at 60ish mph.


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        Alright, long awaited updates-

        rear bar in

        Supportin' the Sphere!

        Fully updated "info console" <3 SAFC tuning

        And just so you guys dont think she is too pretty-

        White bumper is replacement caused by impact with tire barrier... buddy of mine in his Honda get my rear tire just shy of my apexing a corner. Oversteer ensued, bumper got removed by tire barrier. For the most part tho, I was able to pull it out. Never actually "hit" the barrier, just scraped it, and the friction of the tires pulled the bumper off. Didnt break any fenders tho, so I counted my blessings an went to the yard.

        As she sits now. She is getting parked for winter [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img] Numbers are from auto x last sunday... err.. 11/18

        And i just thought this pic would be a neat one to take.


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